Who is the Best Friend of Michael Jordan (Basketball Player), and How Did They Meet?

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the best and proficient American basketball players, businesspersons, Olympic athletes, and actors. Jordan maintains close relationships with those who helped him in the business or life. George Koehler is one of the new best friends of Michael Jordan, which is a limo driver who picked him when he first landed in Chicago.

George Koehler is the Best Friend of Michael Jordan: 

The Last Dance was filled with Hall of Fame coaches, two previous U.S. presidents, basketball legends, and of course, Michael Jordan himself. On a Sunday night, the ESPN document series presented a new, shock talking head: a man who introduces himself as Michael Jordan’s “best friend and a personal assistant.” The Chicago Bulls completely forgot the send someone to pick Michael Jordan from the airport. Koehler helped Michael Jordan on that day.

How Did Michael Jordan and George Koehler Meet?

It is no doubt that Michael Jordan was among the aggressive participants in the NBA during his peak. The six-time NBA winner has also earned praise for the top in his career; he also has a funny story about how he met with ‘best friend and a personal assistant’ Koehler. On Last Dance, Michael Jordan’s best friend, George Koehler, comes into the limelight.

In 1984, George Koehler maintained a limousine service and described how frequently waiting outside the Airport (O’Hare) for a passenger. George Koehler offered to ride Michael Jordan anyplace he wished for only 30 dollars, noting the youngster in Chicago. Michael Jordan gave the driver a $50 and told him to ‘keep the change.’ After that, they became best friends.

What Was Happened During the Ride? 

Koehler gave Michael Jordan his business card if the megastar wanted a car service, and a robust bond had been established. At the time of riding, they identified that they both knew Larry Jordan, who is Michael’s brother, and the Koehler joined the same school as Jordan’s brother. Both Michael Jordan and Koehler were spotted in many places.

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