Why a Hardwood Deck Belongs in Your Home

Having a home is one of the biggest dreams a person can have. Many would ponder on how big it should be. What theme should the interiors have? Should they go for contemporary? Minimalist? What sofa would go with the fireplace? What about the kitchen, the bedroom, bathroom, etc.? All these are crucial in having your dream home, but you must also remember the basics—the surface on which you walk and stand. If you envision your home having a deck, you should consider the hardwood decks you can have.

Why Hardwood Decks?

A deck is a place of outdoor relaxation. If you have a view near your house, such as a body of water or luscious greens, you will waste it if you do not have a deck. You would also lose the opportunity to add further aesthetics if you do not go for hardwood. Hard and dense surfaces, such as stones, are great for indoors, but nothing beats the appeal of hardwood decks when it comes to outdoors. The wood goes well with the exterior environment. It acts as a transition between nature and your home. 

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Picture this: There is a lake nearby. As you move your eyes, the waters transition into sand and dirt. Eventually, you are going through vegetation. As your eyes move closer to your home, the grass slowly turns to a well-constructed wood, and then you see your dream home. Hardwood decks provide a smooth visual shift from nature to human-made. That shift becomes sudden and may even feel interruptive if you suddenly see steel or concrete.

Your Choices

What sets wood apart from steel and concrete is the variety, and each kind of hardwood comes with its own functional and aesthetic properties. Luckily, when crafted and treated properly, all kinds of timber look gorgeous. So, your main concern with your wood of choice is the function. The environment in which your home is located will dictate the ideal timber for your deck. For example, some parts of Australia are notorious for fires. If your home happens to be in that region, it would be in your best interest to have highly fire-resistant timber, such as Blackbutt. Not only will it keep your home safe, but its consistent, authentic, brown colour also gives off a relaxing and natural vibe that is perfect for any house deck.

If fires are not an issue, and you are more concerned with aesthetics, you cannot go wrong with the uniqueness of Kebony. Unlike most woods that come in shades of brown, red, and even yellow, Kebony eventually turns light grey. It goes well with a monochromatic theme and is perfect if your home is near a water body. With the perfect furniture, having hardwood decks made with Kebony can give off a relaxing Mediterranean vibe.

House decks are like outside living rooms. Their main purpose is for relaxing, getting together, having barbeques, and just overall outdoor fun. The two hardwood examples here are just a couple of the wide range of choices to make. You can have cedar, redwood, and whatever satisfies your heart. 

With the perfect decks, you can have that perfect Sunday morning as you bask under the sun, drink an ice-cold bottle of beer with grilled juicy meat, and watch the kids run around.

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