Why Angelina Jolie ‘Loves’ Having A HouseFull Of Teenagers?

Angelina Jolie says that she loves to have a house full of teenagers and this incredibly patient seems to help her kids navigate through their teens. She is a proud mom of 6 kids and she says that she loves to have open communication to them. A source reported that Angelina do love to spend more and more time with her kids at home. She says that her kids have been growing really fast. She further said that she had a really miserable teenage, and thus, 

Angelina Jolie’s kids are all grown up, and the A-lister is ‘incredibly patient’ with her children, as she helps them navigate their teenage years. She, thus, makes sure that her kids are not compelled to go through the same. She ensures the fact that they are not hesitating or feeling afraid to come to her and talk about anything. She added, “She does have rules, but she’s not at all what you’d call strict. She gives them a lot of autonomy.”

Angelina is a proud mother, and this mom of 6 prides herself of being the way she is! She says that if there’s an issue, they always prefer to talk and sort it out. She says that she does love to listen to her kids’ opinions and point of view as well. “She loves the way they think. She says they’re constantly teaching her things and she absolutely loves having a house full of teenagers. They’re all growing up so fast. Her twins [Vivienne and Knox] will be 13 this summer, so it’s going by fast … she [has] loved loved every stage [of their childhood], but this is the most exciting.”

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