Why are CBSE Class 12 Economics Coaching classes so significant?

CBSE Class 12 Economics is extremely important from many perspectives. Most people emphasize proper CBSE Class 12 Economics Coaching classes. One can easily feel about the importance of these classes upon analyzing the question papers. There remain twenty questions for these exams, each carrying one mark. Moreover, there remains MCQs as well, along with regular fill in the blank types.

Additionally, a student needs to answer four questions, each carrying three marks. There also remain six questions, in which each one carries four marks. Similarly, one also has to solve four questions carrying six marks each. It means one needs to be very strategic about preparation to score well. 

Being analytic

Upon analyzing, it is evident that around 35 percent of CBSE economics questions are analytic. One can realize this upon going through Class 12 Economics Sample Papers. It means one needs to possess a thorough understanding of the subject to do well. However, around 65 percent of questions of these papers relate straightaway with the subject. One thus needs to have clarity on which areas to focus more and where less. Any normal student may not be as strategic on this matter as it requires. However, a professional economics trainer can indeed provide the needful help to students.        

Saves time and makes competitive

Economics is not just any random theory paper that one can simply remember. It needs analysis for proper understanding. A regular student may analyze. But, he/she will need a lot of time for that. Amidst so many other papers, it is quite impossible to afford so much time for a student. Moreover, one may lag behind others in competition upon not managing time well.

Extra support for doubt clearance

As everyone knows, economics demands thorough analysis for understanding the principles. Hence, often a single class doesn’t seem to be sufficient. On the other hand, regular school classes can hardly provide additional classes for doubt clearance. However, one can certainly expect greater support through professional coaching classes.

Beneficial from future perspectives

Those who want to pursue economics after their 12th in graduation should consider coaching classes. Unless someone has a strong fundamentals in 12th, it can be very tough for him/her later during graduation. Specifically, those who are planning to pursue higher studies in finance should consider coaching classes.          

Previous year question practicing and very similar tests

No school dedicates extensive hours for practicing previous year’s questions. However, coaching classes always emphasize this. Thus the students preparing here feel more confident during examination days. Hence, no matter how strong someone is in the subject, he/she should not rule out the coaching class option. 

The good news is that there are online classes available as well in modern times. There is a massive demand for these economics classes among CBSE students. It helps them in extensive preparation of previous year’s questions. Moreover, they also conduct very similar tests helping in boosting the confidence of the students.


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All in all, coaching classes have appeared as a major boon for the students interested in doing well in CBSE class 12th Economics. However, one needs to find out a reputed name for these classes for greater advantage.

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