Why Bridesmaids 2 Probably Shouldn't Happen According To Director Paul Feig


Bridesmaids was that rare female-directed comedy that became a huge box office hit, established itself as an iconic addition to its genre, and made overnight stars of its cast, particularly Melissa McCarthy. With such a formidable legacy to match, film director Paul Feig recently revealed to Collider why making a sequel would be a difficult task.

"Everybody thinks they want a sequel to Bridesmaids, and it could be fun, but I always have to say this: Bridesmaids works, you remember all the comedy stuff, that was great, but the reason the movie worked is because it was about Kristen Wiig character who was a very safe person before the movie began, who has this total collapse because his bakery closes and everything falls apart in his life "

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"Then we meet her and she is a mess. She is desperately trying to hold on to this one thing, which is her friendship with the character of Maya Rudolph, and that takes her through the fire. That's why all of this happens, because she's just acting and desperately trying to save things, and in the end she heals herself as much as you can. That's what you hold on to in that movie. "

It is true that BridesmaidsAs fun as it was, ultimately, he did more than create a series of comic situations. She explored the complicated, sometimes tumultuous relationship between Kristen Wiig's main character Annie Walker and her best friend Lillian, played by Maya Rudolph. According to Paul Feig, a sequel would have to explore a new look for Annie in an equally compelling way to be considered a worthy follow-up, rather than just showcasing a whole new series of crazy antics.

"So to make a sequel, I think you're basically going to have to have a fun wedding. And I've seen those movies a million times and some of them are good and some are good, anyway. Obviously it's up for Kristen, she She's the key keeper on that, but it would have to be something she can get emotionally involved in again and not just say, 'It's Megan's crazy wedding in the Bahamas!' and all sorts of things happen. shenanigans. That could be fun, but I think you need more to make a movie great. "

Therefore, Feig has put the responsibility to make a sequel, if ever, on the shoulders of Wiig, who co-wrote the first film with Annie Mumolo. The two actresses / writers are preparing to start working on their new role. Barb and Star go to Vista del Mar, who also co-wrote and will be the protagonists. Then there is Wonder Woman 1984, which will see Wiig take on the role of supervillain The Cheetah. It seems that, for the time being at least, Wiig is content to move on to other projects rather than further exploring the world of Bridesmaids with Annie Walker And so is Feig. This news was first reported on Collider.

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