Why does a coastal area have less variation in temperature than a non-coastal area?

NewsDio Desk : The areas adjacent to the sea are referred as coastal areas and they have minimal variation when it comes to heating or cooling, since water heats or cools in a longer duration of time with respect to land. It is for this reason that coastal areas don’t experience cold nights. Yes, coastal areas register far less variation when taken in consideration with land. Hence, for the places situated near sea, one can clearly experience moderate temperature during day time while after dark; it is less cool as well. 

Temperature feels cool all year round due to the duration of daylight 

‘Duration of Daylight’ acts as the biggest reason for the temperature to feel cool round the year. Likewise, as there is a change in the season’s temperature from warm to cool becomes the reality. The temperature on land has the tendency to change in a drastic manner, when compared with water. The reason for air to be warm is because warm water is in a motion from equator to poles. 

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The temperatures on land change more rapidly than temperatures on water

Many of you would have observed that under hot son, earth (land) becomes hot and if you happen to check its temperature and can dare to walk on barefoot for few minutes, then you may even get blisters. This example acts as the best way to understand that land needs less energy when compared with water to become hot. In the same manner, land besides heating in a quick manner; also tend to ‘cool’ quickly with respect to water. It is for this reason that the temperature varies in different places on the globe. 

The air is warm because warm water moves from the equator to the poles

Nature gives the reason for us to balance everything. Likewise, warm water tends to move towards poles due to the nature of winds which help it to move in that direction. This is where the strong ocean-current circulations also play its part towards its movement in the same direction. While the colder water move towards equator.  So, there is a clear demarcation in the way hot and cold water finds its specific place and all of the same is done without any hindrance. 3/4th part of the world is water while 1/4th is land. This shows the extent of water mainly in the form of ocean which surrounds the land and it is certainly massive in nature, as compared to land. The ocean has the capability of storing much more heat than the land surfaces on Earth.  

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How many trees does it take to provide a day’s supply of oxygen for 4 people?

The world has finally realized the importance of oxygen as considering the pandemic, majority of people are running from pillar to post in the hope of getting oxygen cylinders for themselves. Yes, pollution has become a major cause of concern as people are increasingly getting prone to ailments due to breathing in an air which is toxic. Hence, the importance of planting trees is long term needed. While considering a family with four members who need oxygen, then two mature trees are enough to provide oxygen.

How do plants on earth affect the amount of carbon in earth’s atmosphere?

As per the study and research which has been done, the effect of carbon dioxide on plants is that it creates a sudden increase in global warming. However, the same can be checked by planting trees which will eventually give respite to the planet Earth by making it cool. However, the level of rising carbon dioxide is posing a stiff challenge to the very mission of keeping the atmosphere healthy with oxygenated. 

How do scientists use ice to study ancient climates?  

An indication about the type of ancient climate which existed is based on several factors. All of these are buried under earth in the form of sediments which are there in the ocean’s bottom and one of the prominent attributes of unearthing the extent of climate is also based on the glaciers and ice caps. They give scientists enough indication about the temperature along with other relevant information such as that of precipitation etc. Most of them are based on the attribute of layers, bands or rings that give scientists an indication about the specific time. The layers may differ as they are primarily based on various factors such as color, thickness along with chemical composition which gives oozing information to the scientists about the possibility of the climate which would have been there during the forming of layer. 

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Which process plays an important role in the biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus? 

The process is referred as Decomposition. Well, it is the process which relates to breaking down of dead remains of plants and animals into generating nutrients which are beneficial for mankind such as carbon, phosphorous, nitrogen and carbon for soil. 

Photosynthesis transpiration respiration

  • Photosynthesis – Plants are self sufficient when it comes to making food where they use light energy to produce sugar from CO2 and H2O
  • Transpiration – It refers to the state where there is loss of water vapor through stomata of leaves
  • Respiration – It is the phase where sugar is burned to produce energy for growth, production etc

Osteoporosis is most likely to be affected by which cycle?

Osteoporosis associated risk enhances with advancing of age as bones become thin. While in the case of women, the loss of bones is more significant as the production of hormone estrogen slows down usually since the menstrual periods stop which varies between the age 45 and 55

How much carbon dioxide is in the air?

The increasing level of carbon dioxide in the air is a cause of concern as it has been constantly rising since the inception of Industrial Age. Currently, it is 412 parts per million and continues to rise. The data is a clear indication about 47% increase it has witnessed when it was earlier near 280 ppm. 

Why are bacteria a necessary part of the nitrogen cycle?

Bacteria has an important role to play in the growth of plants, as it helps to change states, so that plants are able to easily absorb it. Thereafter, this is how animals are able to get the desired nitrogen from plants. 

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