Why Insurance Continuing Education Will Give You An Advantage

The insurance license should not be the be-all and end-all of each agent’s career. For example, if you are practicing in California, you must complete an accumulated 24 hours of continuing education within two years of your license term. 

Previously, agents were required to attend classroom instructions, but now with online courses, you can complete the CA Insurance CE at your own pace. But make sure that you only take the course from legitimate providers because you would have wasted all that effort and money for nothing, and the California Department of Insurance will not recognize your certificate.

However, earning your certificate should not only be to fulfill a requirement. You will also enjoy the following advantages when you enroll in a continuing education course:

  1. Update your knowledge — The CA Insurance CE will give you confidence that the information, processes, terms, and practices match the current trends in the industry. For example, California is also dealing with the coronavirus pandemic that halted global economies. While the challenge seems impossible, there are opportunities here for insurance agents who know where to look. Digital disruption can also be both a risk and an opportunity, depending on your ability to adjust.
  2. Boost your chances of succeeding — If insurance is your passion, then you need to equip yourself with all the tools to succeed. Although only a few dared to follow the path, those who pursued a career in insurance found it to be rewarding, not just financially but emotionally. However, you can’t stay in one place all the time. For your career to advance, you need CA Insurance CE to enhance your expertise and technical know-how. 
  3. Focus on a niche — Continuing education will also provide you with a choice to pursue your specialization. There are so many opportunities to update your skills by taking courses such as Associate in Risk Management, Adjuster CE, Insurance Preselling, Bail CE, AAI, CPCU, API, AIS, ASLI, RHU, CPIA, AIAF, and REBC. As you can see, there are so many designations that you need to learn. When you find your niche, you will enjoy your career and feel less like merely a means of earning money.
  4. Give the best possible service to your clients — You want to provide the best advice to your clients who are sincerely asking for your help. But you cannot possibly perform this function when you lack knowledge and expertise. The only way to do this is to soak all the necessary information so that you can assist your clients in making informed decisions. Again, your goal is not only to comply with the licensing requirements but to provide your clients with the best possible service.
  5. Break new grounds – the crucial element when pursuing CA Insurance CE is keeping an open mind. Your viewpoints may be challenged with new truths, which forces you to alter your view. It also forces you out of your comfort zones since you will create innovative ways to leverage industry risks and trends to come out on top.

It is also a vote of confidence that their insurance agent has the mindset to learn something new and address their shortcomings for customers. So, even if you are busy with your career and family, make time for continuing education. Finally, consider insurance CE as an investment in yourself. It shows the management that you are serious about your career, and they are likely to reward your efforts by also investing in you.

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