Why It’s Important to Invest in Workplace Security and Insurance

If you’re a small business owner or the landlord of an on-site location, the safety of your team members, as well as visitors, are among your highest priorities. Proper measures can include everything from a secure perimeter to ongoing safety compliance from your staff. Here, we will look at some of the most important reasons why you should invest in workplace security and insurance and how that covers all your bases.

Incidents Involving Outside Visitors

No matter your industry, if you have a business location, there are bound to be visitors, guests, and members of the public entering the premises. As a responsible business owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that proper public liability insurance is in place at all times. Although the safety of your staff is a crucial element of overall security, compliance guidelines also keep your personal liability in-check. However, with outside visitors, potential lawsuits can severely hurt your organization. Regardless of your business’ size, working with a specialized insurance company for a public liability policy protects your corporate entity in the event of any accidents or injuries incurred by a guest while on your property.

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Simply put, this type of insurance is specifically geared towards any negligence or general liability that occurs on a business premises. For example, any bodily injury received in your building or in the parking lot, as well as property damage, could render you legally (and financially responsible). A solid policy from a liability insurer will guarantee that both you and the injured party are protected.

Location and Perimeter Security

Modern security and safety measures should integrate all available technological advances. When investing in your security system, consider how multiple security cameras and other key features have become more cost-efficient. For example, integrating a license plate recognition camera in your location’s parking lot is an excellent (and necessary) way to identify possible liabilities captured within the security cameras’ field of view. Any visitors or intruders on your premises will be monitored by your system’s license plate camera. These key functionalities of license plate capture and optical character recognition empowers your security team to provide law enforcement with needed identification.

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Coupled with your liability insurance, a license plate reader is the best solution for locating thieves through their license plate number. However, it also keeps a digital record of on-sight incidents or claims of personal injury that could occur during normal business operations, as well as after hours. As a business owner, it’s your professional duty to obtain the most accurate, modern security system. New technology does just that, with security cameras and state-of-the-art features at no additional cost.

Additional Security Measures

Having an automatic license plate reader is an important tool to provide your security team, but there are other features to consider. While considering a public liability insurance policy, remember that the license plate reader assists your liability insurer with evidence of potential insurance fraud for which you, as the business owner or landlord, are the victim. Likewise, any forms of negligence regarding your employees’ compliance can also be detected. No matter the type of policy or third party insurer, this is a major asset. That being said, there are other functions to keep in mind.

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Other sounds investments include security cameras equipped with environmental sensors. This not only protects your team from fire, flooding, and dangerous gas leaks within your location using infrared light, but can also take into account on-sight smoking and “vaping,” both of which are prohibited by modern compliance. In this instance, your system will send out alerts to your mobile device in real-time. Newer styles of security systems also integrate video communications and mobile app functions. With this access control feature, you can see your cameras’ field of view in real-time from your phone or mobile device, allowing you to work remotely. You can also talk directly with your security manager no matter where you’re located. With a regular security camera, off-sight communication with your security team was never an option. Now, you’re attainable in the event of an emergency or incident regarding your liability coverage or workers’ compensation. In effect, your business is not only protected round the clock, but you’re also always in the loop.

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