Why Kristen Wiig is perfect for Cheetah according to the director of Wonder Woman 1984


The announcement that the well-known comedy actress Kristen Wiig will play the role of ferocious villain and Cheetah fighter in the next Wonder Woman 1984 It was amazing. Having become famous for her roles in comedies such as BridesmaidsThe idea of ​​Wiig facing the Gal Gadot Amazon warrior in a fist battle was hard to imagine. But, despite all this, director Patty Jenkins always knew that Wiig would be perfect for the role.

"In the story, Cheetah is often someone who is Diana's friend but is jealous of her. And I feel that Kristen plays a character who has both ends of the spectrum: she is your warm and funny friend, kind and interesting and then she can to transform into something completely different Yes, it turns out to be a woman, but she just left Gene Hackman Superman school of great, fun and tremendous actors I don't think she is a villain, although she is I feel that way Wonder Woman also. The female component is huge, but it is also a heroine, a universal heroine. "

Kristen Wiig has been working steadily for years and has had a mix of comic and dramatic roles in the likes of The Martian Y mother!However, it has become synonymous with laughter, instead of intimidating the villainy. Therefore, it will be very interesting to see Wiig move from the warm and fun friend we are all used to, the vicious and feline bad that Wonder Woman fans know and love. Kristen Wiig is a very talented actress, and she will undoubtedly excel in the double role of the nervous Barbara Ann Minerva and the deadly Cheetah.

Cheetah is one of Wonder Woman's most iconic villains in DC comics, and although it has been adapted for the small screen in an animated way, Wonder Woman 1984 You will see your first appearance both on the big screen and in the live action. From what we have seen of the film, it seems that Barabra will begin as a meek admirer and friend of Diana Prince, before being imbued with Cheetah's powers and becoming the monstrous enemy. Although its final appearance remains a mystery, like much of this movie, we hope it doesn't end up looking like a Cats to refuse.

Wonder Woman 1984 discover that our heroic Amazonian princess faces not only Cheetah, but two formidable enemies, and the other is Pedro Pascal's business manipulator, Maxwell Lord. At the same time, Diana meets a mysteriously resurrected Steve Trevor. The film seems to be quite different from the first and, hopefully, the recent trend of well-received DC movies will continue.

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Wonder Woman 1984 It will be released in theaters on June 5. This comes to us courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

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