Why Matt Hardy is booked for WWE Raw this Monday | Newsdio


As noted earlier, Matt Hardy is scheduled to fight Randy Orton this Monday night at WWE Raw. This comes just after Matt was written on television last Monday at an angle with Randy Orton.

Matt did not know that he would appear in Raw until last night, so the decision was not made until about 24 hours ago. In a tweet sent from his private Twitter account, Reby Hardy tweeted a cryptic GIF "LOL" to be when they discovered that WWE wanted Matt in Raw.

The situation is similar to what happened with Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose). He was dating and was discharged several times, but Vince McMahon called to bring him back for another week to maximize grades. Monday's Matt Hardy / Randy Orton segment was one of the biggest quarter-hours this week, so WWE expects to get a great quarter-hour from them next Monday.

As noted above, the problems with Matt are not related to money, since WWE has made a generous offer. The problems are more related to creativity, since Matt knows that his next contract could be the last one as an interpreter in the ring.

Matt's current agreement with WWE will expire on March 1 and many people in the company expect him to try free agency with All Elite Wrestling, which is believed to be the favorite to sign a full-time contract.


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