Why Preparing for Exams Becomes Easier in Top IGCSE Schools in South Mumbai

Exams are exams after all. They can create stress and doubt in the minds of children. But there are ways to help children prepare well for their examinations. Sound preparation will help children take-on exams with confidence.

Why IGCSE school students don’t feel exam pressure?

IGCSE schools from top cities like Mumbai, Bangalore etc. are truly exceptional. For example, the best IGCSE schools in Mumbai provide a learner-centric approach and inquiry-based education. The curriculum promotes learning through exploration and self-discovery. By relating subject matter to real-life events and drawing parallels to real-life situations, students are able to connect the dots. They develop a better understanding of the subject matter. They can easily attend exams and pass these exams with flying colours. Simply because their theoretical understanding is strong. 

Why IGCSE assessments are fair?

All the top 10 schools in South Mumbai would vouch for the efficacy and robustness of the IGCSE assessment methodology. This is one of the reliable and effective assessment systems. Not only fair, but it is also flexible as well. Meaning that students are gauged not on similar levels of knowledge. But knowledge and skills that come naturally to them. 

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How to help children tackle assessments and examinations?

Make it professional

Reward children for their attitude towards an exam. By rewarding them, they treat exams as a goal for a particular type of achievement. Reward them with gifts, money, vacation, toys, gadgets, movies, dinner, clothes, or anything for that matter. Reward them with mementos, trophies, and things that represent achievement. 

By mapping exams to rewards, children are motivated to treat exams as a way to achieve something. Often, exams are treated as a means to achieve a future objective, such as graduating from school and entering university or even as a means to finding a lucrative job. But these future rewards may not seem attractive for certain children whose personality types warrant giving constant rewards to keep their motivation levels up. 

Keep the home atmosphere non-competitive, light, and encouraging

Exams are a test. Children feel stressed when preparing for a test. So, their home environments need to be comfortable. Parents must keep their home environments non-competitive, less stressful, and enjoyable. Children feel pressurized for performance. Constant pressure on children to perform more or do more than they can, might be counterproductive. 

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Always remind children that exams are only a test of how prepared children are. Not how much potential they have. That is why most of the top 10 schools in South Mumbai have switched to IGCSE based curriculum. This means that assessment and examination methodologies are different. The exam patterns do not judge students, rather assess their preparation levels. 

Encourage deep understanding over examination-focussed understanding

Prepare children to gain knowledge, and not merely running behind marks. That is why most parents prefer to choose the best IGCSE schools in South Mumbai because IGCSE exams focus on the knowledge levels of a child. Traditional curricula such as ICSE and CBSE only focus on marks. Such curricula are tailored for children who can remember well. Many children prefer to only remember the concepts and learn by applying the concepts. While few others are good at theory. Because of such a diverse set of learning styles, the IGCSE way of education is being adopted by the top 10 schools in South Mumbai.

Encourage children to compete against themselves and not with others

IGCSE education does exactly that. It helps measure a child’s progress against their own past performance. Rather than drawing comparisons from the performance trajectory of other children. When parents and teachers encourage children to compete against one’s own performance levels, progress is faster and visible. 

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Unfortunately, traditional national curricula are based on the compare-and-contrast premise. It is based on comparing students depending on the marks they obtained. A student is pitted higher or lower based on the marks they score. Interestingly, many of the great scientists scored poorly in the subjects at which they became geniuses later. So, truth to be said – marks are hardly the way to assess children. And it is high time that parents and teachers impart IGCSE based education. It is recommended that parents look for the best IGCSE schools in South Mumbai to admit their children into. 

Taking enough rest

Those days of burning the midnight oil – or spending sleepless nights preparing for an examination are passe and redundant. More so because going by statistics many of the great inventors, scientists, successful businessmen, ideators, creators, wealthy people, doctors, artisans, etc. – were hardly good in school. 


The top 10 schools in South Mumbai are adapting to the needs of the new generation by adopting proven curricula that will create winners of students rather than despondent children. That’s why looking out for the best IGCSE schools in South Mumbai is the best and safest option for children. Because it is not just about educating them, but moulding their personalities so that they can become responsible citizens in the future. 

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