Why We Still Need Courseworks in the Era of Online Education

Coursework is any written or practical work performed by the students, usually assessed by the teachers or mentors to grade during a course of study. It comprises a wide range of research, assignments, practice, writing reports, dissertations, and essays. Coursework has been proven as an effective way and practiced for centuries to assess the students.

Doing coursework can be a hectic job for the students. It requires a lot of research and analysis. Student life can be really hard, especially those who work and study simultaneously. They may not get enough time and may need coursework help to execute their task successfully and get good grades. In such a scenario, one can go to Australian Edubirdie and get the help they need to resolve their coursework issues.

Nowadays, as many online courses have emerged and digital education has become a world wide trend, many students would rather take tests than write a coursework of any kind.  However, working on writing assignments proves to be advantageous for students in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of its benefits:

It Is Practical 

Writing coursework installs investigative learning, which helps you simplify difficult decisions. In doing so, you learn to conduct an in-depth study with observation and experiments. Hence, the students gain practical insight into the particular subject matter and know how it can be executed in real life. 

A Better Way For Assessment

University coursework is mostly performed to broaden knowledge and enhance research skills. But it has also been taken as a better way to assess students due to its application of knowledge. Since the coursework acts as a platform to execute the students’ learning, they get a chance to explore more and present their real-life ideas with examples. Hence, they can be assessed in a practical way, which is not possible through standardized testing.

Helps Personal Development

As students have to draw themselves in during the observation and research required for the coursework, they get to learn many new things apart from their assigned task. As opposed to a multiple-choice test, such practical learning helps students’ personalities to flourish and contribute to their career and personal development. It helps them grow their skills, boost confidence and improve self-awareness through personalization of their reflexions.

Builds Writing Skills

As an inactive student, one can wonder, “what are the benefits of writing?” The answer to that is proper writing skills allow you to communicate with clarity. It is taken as a primary basis on which one’s learning and intellect are judged. It fosters our ability to redefine our ideas as well. Contrary to the advantages of multiple-choice questions, answering essay questions provide you with an opportunity to write more, explore more, and improve your writing skills. 

Promotes Experiential Learning

Experiential learning, also known as learning through experience, increases student engagement, accelerates learning, and improves knowledge retention. It is taken as the best method of acquiring knowledge. While experiential learning may not be practical to use inside the premises of school/college/universities, coursework assignments enable the scholars to carry out their tasks with experiments outside their institution and learn effectively.

Encourages Self-Learning

Studying on your own can be a headache for those who need help. But a scholar must step up with or without others’ help on diagnosing their learning needs, objectives, allocating resources, and assessing results to develop the best self-learning routine. Over time, such approaches lead to perfection. Taking a test for yourself also helps in personal growth. The coursework provided by the traditional class helps the scholars in self-learning.

 In the battle of online class vs traditional class, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Although virtual learning is widespread, it can have its cons. That’s where the conventional coursework comes as a suitable approach. There are various advantages of coursework, and that is why we still need coursework for effective learning amid the emergence of E-learning in the education sector.


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