Why you should consider playing on Rainbow Riches slots

There is a good chance that you may have come across Rainbow Riches slots which are quite popular in many pubs, betting shops, and even in land-based casinos. You can also have phone slots to play these games. But you need to remember that you can find several Rainbow Riches video slots, though you cannot get all of them online. This article discusses why you should consider playing on Rainbow Riches slots.  

The key Rainbow Riches slot games

What immediately strikes you about Rainbow Riches slot games is that you can find a variety of them. This is the reason why many players opt to play them. 

Remember that Rainbow Riches is considered one of the key players in online games. That said, Rainbow Riches Free Spins is what keeps players enjoying playing the slots. Below are some of the slots and games you can play online or in land-based casinos: 

Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is the original Rainbow Riches mobile casino slot that you can enjoy playing. It has become popular because it features fun Irish themes that can take you to Emerald where you can find Leprechaun. 

The other reason is that it’s simple to understand and you can find 3 click me bonuses that come often to give you some cash. No wonder, it’s regarded as legendary, making it necessary to start playing it, especially if you have never played Rainbow Riches casino games.

Rainbow Riches free spins

While the original Rainbow Riches may be popular, it doesn’t have free spins like. But you can play Rainbow Riches free spins which have simple sounds and designs. It comes with 10 pay lines to make it a more economical slot compared to the other Rainbow Riches themes.

You can find wilds and plenty of bonus symbols that can change to wilds. Simply put, it’s simple and elegant and provides you with 5 wins, making it worth playing.

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold 

When it comes to Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold, you should expect to see big bet option games, Leprechaun, and colossal reels. You can get two sets of reels, 5×10 symbols and the other one standard which is 5×4. 

So the bigger your bet is, the better features you can buy. But if you don’t bet big, you still get about 7 random bonuses you can play. 

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix slot doesn’t feature colossal reels that you find in Reels of Gold. But it has big betting options and the chances of winning big are great. The good news is that you don’t need to bet big to enjoy this game. 

Here is the deal, you simply need to pick any of the Rainbow Riches games you desire to play from the 5 various bonus game features. For example, you can decide to choose the road to riches bonus, the road to riches and free spins, or even any combination you can get. However, you need to have some skills, so it’s suitable for those who have experience playing slots online.

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