Wil Wheaton stopped by on our Twitch channel to chat


Wil Wheaton is a creator who needs no introduction, but just in case, he is a renowned actor who has been acting for almost 40 years. He has hosted eSports contests and board game shows, voiced dozens of animated and video game characters, and published everything from fiction to weekly columns. It's such a nerdy legend that it appears as the same in Big Bang Theory.

And we had a chance to sit down and talk to him about all of this, live on our Twitch channel! In addition to discussing what it's like to play a rude and fictionalized version of yourself (therapeutic, according to Wheaton), we talked about DnD, audiobooks, and their timely new project, Gamers vs. COVID-19.

Despite the long list of achievements, Wheaton streamed his gambling habit for the first time just the week before, so we talked about how difficult it is to stream while playing, all while making Pat play. Travel for us. Fortunately, the radiant poem tone of a game looks and plays as beautifully as ever.

If you want to follow this and all of our live streams going forward, head over to our Twitch channel and follow that thing right now. This is the second in a multi-part streaming series featuring the Polygon team and gaming celebrities, powered by Alienware. The first part, a conversation with actress and musician Janina Gavankar, is available to watch on Twitch right now.


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