Thousands have succumbed to wildfire pollution in US, say scientists

As per the research, there has been a projected 1,200 to 3,000 deaths in excess in California in a 40 days period.

The fires have gone beyond the record and literally been a part of creating havoc in America’s west this autumn.

The unimaginable and unexpected fires have shaken the very fabric of eco culture by burning millions of acres in California, Washington and Oregon, this year.

The air became densely polluted by the smoke which choked the whole atmosphere by magnifying air pollution across the length and breadth of country.

The research which has been done by Stanford University in California views the spike in pollution caused by wood smoke results in number of cases of people getting hospitalized as well along with death by vulnerable sections of people.

This has indeed become the real threat growing out of the intensifying wildfire season.

Even fair number of studies have conducted that air pollution pose certain degree of risks for early deaths.

So, people who are already vulnerable due to health reasons find themselves prone and succumb to the heavy cloud of smoke. 

The increasing cases of wildfire are the result of how climate change is adversely impacting the eco system of the world and there needs to be urgent action. 

Quite like the case of Selene Zazueta whose daughters Emma and Isabella who have been suffering from asthma and are highly allergic to the same. They knew that fires have adversely affected their health.

The family lives in the specific part of the area which is already popular for being referred as “asthma alley”. The mother is remorseful of the fact that her children aren’t able to live life as expected. One hope that the situation gets conducive for inhabitants to live peacefully. 

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