Will BlackView BV9800 pro be the indestructible mobile? Specifications, release date and other rumors.

BlackView BV9800 pro specifications

BlackView phones are known for their rugged construction which is full proof from any kind of external damage. The makers have focused on real-world issues of Mobile phone owners where they need a rough and tough mobile device. BlackView phones are made to achieve the next level in the range of waterproof, shockproof and dustproof mobile devices. These devices also carry an inbuilt projector and wireless charging facility. In order to keep growing in rugged mobile phone genre, BlackView is going to launch its new indestructible mobile phone, BlackView BV9800 Pro soon. It will be the successor of BlackView BV9700 Pro and BlackView BV9800 with some modifications like a triple-lens system on its rear facilitated with a Sony IMX586 48MP Triple Camera and Night Mode camera. This can be the epitome in rugged smartphone photography. But the real boon is that BV9800 Pro has Thermal Imaging function. These features clearly make BlackView NB9800 Pro the ultimate indestructible mobile phone of its time. But the rugged road doesn’t end just here. There is a lot more from BlackView to offer to its diamonds in the rough.

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BlackView BV9800 Pro Specifications:

Highlight: BlackView BV9800 Pro Rugged with Helio P90 and Triple 48MP camera

Camera: The Blackview BV9800 Pro has a little modified and eye-catching appearance than BV9700 Pro, most notably the triple camera with a resolution of 48 MP, probably Sony IMX586. But there has been no hints dropped on the internet about the exact use of these three lenses or purpose of introducing them in the upcoming mobile phone. The front camera is 16 MP.

The BlackView BV9800 Pro will come with a triple main camera, the first rugged smartphone to feature a rugged design. What is more? The camera will use a Sony IMX586 sensor which has the resolution of 48 MP – the same sensor is been used by many other high-class phones before in their high-end models, for example from the just presented Xiaomi Mi 9, Honor View 20 or UMIDIGI S3 Pro.

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Battery, display and storage: 

The battery in BV9800 Pro has a capacity of 6580 mAh, it also has a wireless charging feature. The display is of a 6.3-inch screen, Full HD+. Focus is kept on the small, droplet note and a small frame. The device holds IP69K and MIL-STD-810G durability. The OS is Android 9.0. It is rumoured to have Helio P35 processor, which is not a very interesting chip but it is also equipped with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory.

Such promising BlackView battleships is another step towards bringing closer the reinforced phones for the glass, irresistible flagships of the mainstream, which unfortunately clearly dominate over the best models of rugged type.

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Release date:

There has been no official announcement about the speculated date of launch for BlackView BV9800 Pro but if we follow the earlier patter of release for BlackView rugged smartphones and the leaks around, we can expect the upcoming phone to launch by in August or September of 2019.

Other Rumors:

BlackView BV9700 is available at $337 at pre-order on Indiegogo and at $399 on Blackview’s store. This gives us an idea for pricing of the successor phone BlackView BV9800 Pro. 

Considering that BlackView BV9800 Pro is a better version of it with couple of mentionable modifications and taking in consideration the estimates given by BlackView booth attendant at MWC 2019 which took place in February this year, the BlackView NB9800 Pro can cost around 450 EUR (around $505) or more.

Keep coming back for more updates on BlackView NB9800 Pro and other upcoming phones. 

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