Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return to form


The definitive duo of police of the nineties returns for a third installment of melodrama, jokes and bullets. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are still nice at Bad Boys for Life. The film is much more serious than previous deliveries. His mantra of "riding together, dying together" hits harder than the prequels directed by Michael Bay. Belgian filmmakers Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah instill a darker tone in melee action. They are more successful than not. Bad Boys for Life It will be embraced by fans of the franchise. Casual spectators will get tired of schtick, but they are filled with explosions and car chases.

Bad Boys for Life continues with Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) celebrating two milestones. Twenty-five years together in the police force and the birth of Marcus's grandson. The gay events bring together the police family, led by Captain Howard (Joe Pantoliano) and a new detective crew (Paola Nunez, Vanessa Hudgens), to celebrate. The night is shattered by tragedy. A long-time enemy is back to take revenge.

A devilish villain (Kate del Castillo) has escaped from prison in Mexico. She dispatches her ruthless son (Jacob Scipio) on a deadly mission. Get your poster back and give an example to Mike Lowrey. While the Miami Police Department recovers from the wild attacks, Mike and Marcus must face a new truth. Marcus wants to retire. It's over with danger and violence. Mike is looking for blood. Lifetime partners are tested like never before, but they will always recover.

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Bad Boys for Life Account of the body. The good and the bad are equally in the line of fire. Higher bets lead to an adjustment of accounts for our heroes. Is it really worth dying for the cause? The script, co-written by action guru Joe Carnahan (Drug trafficker, Team A), wants consequences of the shooting. The most marked tone works initially, but it becomes cheesy melodrama. I will give El Arbi and Fallah (Nevada) Credit for wanting a meatier plot. I just needed to be more concise and shocking.

There is a lot of fan service in Bad Boys for Life. The classic scenes and the characters of the first two movies date back to various degrees. Some of that is smart and fun, but most nostalgia feels like a repetition. Seventeen years have passed since the last movie. There is no need to constantly revisit the well.

Bad Boys for Life It has several twists in the plot that can be seen from a mile away. The obvious revelations are moderated by the chemistry of the cables. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are like a married elderly couple at this time in their careers. They settle in a row of disputes that provides the most laughter. Pranks near the slapstick are especially necessary with the heaviest story. His spiel becomes annoying, but he keeps the laughter flowing when the plot starts to creep.

On a base level, Bad Boys for Life It must be judged as an action movie. The Arbi and Fallah do not open new paths, but they have enough touching sequences to be entertained. Michael Bay spilled it like a fire hose. He lost sight of the character's development. This third installment offers the oldest and most experienced protagonists to the exaggeration. Not many things explode, but they are still cooking with gasoline. Action addicts will get a decent solution.

Bad Boys for Life It is both the end of an era and the beginning of something new. Stay during the credits to see where the franchise goes next. I have the feeling that there will not be another wait of almost twenty years for the sequel. Bad Boys for Life It is a film production by Don Simpson / Jerry Bruckeimer, Overbrook Entertainment and Columbia Pictures with Sony distribution.

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