Will the Justice League cast not return for the Snyder Cut shots?


According to reports, Zack Snyder's Justice League will not present any new tweaks with the original cast. The director had previously revealed that he contacted the entire cast to return, but it is believed that it will only be for voiceover work, if necessary. Ray Fisher was the first cast member Snyder contacted, so it is believed that he will at least have a bit more dialogue in the long-awaited Snyder Cut. DC fans expected the cast to come together for some additional scenes, but the studio reportedly said no to that idea.

According to Umberto González, "there will not be any kind of retouching of any kind with any actor. It is just an additional dialogue", for the Justice League of Zack Snyder. Snyder is believed to have "wanted to film and wanted to take more pictures, but HBO Max said, 'No, that's not happening.'" González goes on to say that the studio is giving the director "money for post-production." , for special effects, to score, and even ADR, but not to re-record in this movie. "

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This could be bad news for the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement, but everyone should be happy that Zack Snyder League of Justice it is happening at all. The director abandoned the original project just before the restart was supposed, so it will be interesting to see what he does with the material that was filmed while he was away. It is unclear whether any of his ideas were used for such tweaks, as Snyder claims he has never seen the theatrical version. One could imagine that it would have to be done now.

Zack Snyder League of Justice It will be the end of the road for the project as a way for the director to finally tell as much of his story as he can. Ben Affleck will not be returning as Batman for another set of movies and Justice League 2 Chances are it will never happen. Anyway, this is what fans have wanted all this time, and it's something that no one thought would officially happen, even Snyder thought it was impossible. He had jokingly planned to throw it on a USB stick and leave it in public for someone to find out, although Henry Cavill warned him not to do that.

HBO Max and Zack Snyder have yet to announce an official release date for League of Justice. So far, we know that it will arrive sometime in 2021 and that Snyder is currently working on the first teaser. There is also no time frame for advancement at this time. Whatever the case, Snyder and his team are currently working on the project with the support of Warner Bros., which is a big problem and not something to be taken lightly. Umberto González's comments were first reported by The Wrap.

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