The Most Common Materials for Making Windows and Doors Mississauga

Windows and doors Mississauga add an invaluable touch to your home. They actually make your house complete since they are the focal points. They determine who gets in and provide an exit path to those indoors.

Doors and windows also help in defining your character with color choice and aesthetics. To accomplish all these, you have to choose the right windows and doors Mississauga material that fits each entry in your home. Total Home Windows and Doors researched and compiled a list of the commonly used materials for making doors and windows in Mississauga. Continue reading below for more insights into each material.

  • Wood 

Wood has been used to make windows and doors Mississauga since the time immemorial. In fact, most homeowners are only familiar with this material, and when not informed of other choices, they stick to wood. It is easy to customize, and you can have your door made from hard or softwood. This material can be used to fit regular and unusual door openings. You can paint them in any color of your preference.

However, wood is very fragile. As a result, it requires high maintenance, which can be expensive. When not well maintained, this material results in warping, cracking, fading, and even rotting. To protect your wood door from weather elements, use a storm window.

If you seek a more affordable option with low maintenance costs, consider using a wood veneer. It has all the qualities of wood but provides better resistance to weather elements.

  • Steel 
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It is one of the windows and doors Mississauga material, gaining a lot of popularity recently. Steel offers better security than wood. It is durable and provides high security since it is hard to break in. Doors made from this material require little maintenance and can be painted in colors that complement your overall décor. Besides, its low cost always makes it more appealing to homeowners operating with shoestring budgets.

This material does not warp or rust, making it even more preferable. However, it is susceptible to dents when hit with hard objects. But, you can remove the dents with home DIY kits available in home improvement stores. Although they can be stained to imitate wood, they require specialized skill; otherwise, they will come out looking ugly.

Additionally, this material cannot be used in an existing space, especially one that requires adjustments. Steel is difficult to cut. Therefore, if a standard steel door cannot fit your space, you can consider other options.

  • Fiberglass 
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This material consists of composite materials. It is more energy-efficient when compared to wood and provides security to your belongings. The material can be stained to mimic wood, has cheap maintenance, and is resistant to cracking, warping, and peeling. 

The downside of this material is that it fades when exposed to weather elements. It is also as expensive as wood. But, if you are looking for something long-lasting and cheap to maintain at the higher end, consider fiberglass.

  • Aluminum 

It is an affordable and durable option for Mississauga window replacement. Aluminum has similar characteristics to fiberglass and steel. Doors made from this material are extremely low maintenance and can have smooth finishes. 

But, most homeowners prefer using this material for their storm windows. They perfectly serve well when used as reinforcements for storm windows.

  • Vinyl 
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This is the cheapest option available today for making windows and doors Mississauga. Vinyl is energy-efficient, does not warp, requires little or no maintenance, and is available in different custom made colors. However, this material is limited to the number of designs you can create and is excellent for use with patio doors.

Although the material has a limited color choice, once you install it, you forget about painting. Vinyl goes for years without fading. So, when determining the color for your vinyl entry door, choose one that you will not feel prompted to change soon to avoid affecting the aesthetic value provided by this material.

Before settling on specific material for your entry door, consider the weather in your area. Since different materials perform differently when exposed to weather elements, you can have value for your investment. Consult a professional when not sure about the right material for your area weather.

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