“Wipeout” hurdle course completion turns deadly for the contestant

Wipeout hurdle
Wipeout hurdle

Los Angeles: – A contestant breathed his last after completing the “Wipeout” obstacle course, as per the reports emanating from the production source.

The hospital authorities pronounced the man dead who was in his 30s. The exact cause of the death is still not disclosed and the identity has been withheld while the relatives have been notified.

The show is about a reality competition where the contestant undergoes an extreme hurdle scenario consisting of giant balls and pitfalls. The whole exercise indeed tests the patience of the contestants who often have to withstand crashes.

People close to the production house have said that the man had successfully completed the course on the set in Santa Clarita, California and that was the time when he was in dire need of medical assistance.

He was immediately given medical aid by the on-site medical staff while paramedics arrived which sent him to hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The production house deeply mourns the untimely and sudden death of the man and has shown full sympathy to him. 

The team has extended the heartfelt condolences to the family which stands together with the family during such devastating times.

The sudden death has raised questions on the nature of rigorous exercises which have been planned by the show for gaining popularity given the fact that the life of contestants are put at stake. 

The production house has to re-think about the kind of content it is going to plan next for the safety of the participants so as to stop similar incidents happening in future. 

It is also the testing time for the family who has to bear the shocking and extremely devastating news out of nowhere.

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