Wonder Woman is back starring Gal Gadot!

We have a piece of amazing news to make your Christmas merrier! Gal Gadot is all set to play the epic character of Wonder Woman once more. There are many interesting sequels aligned for the next year but the most awaited one is Wonder Woman 1984,  a sequel of 2017 released Wonder Woman.

Yes, the wait is over. Another movie of Wonder Woman series will be on the floors soon. We know you are very happy and excited and so are we. Here we have all the spoilers and rumors you need to know about it.

Looking at Wonder Woman’s huge success, no wonder all the eyes were on the sequel of the movie. It was a huge critical and commercial success and people cannot get enough of it. The way makers have empowered woman through this movie is commendable. The director had confirmed the plans of making Wonder Woman 2 even before the release of the first movie.

Reportedly, it has been titled as Wonder Woman 1984. Any idea why it has been named so?

The first movie of the franchise was set in 1918 at the time of world war I, but the sequel will be set in the 80s which is a huge leap between two movies. The first official teaser of the sequel had the logo ‘WW84’ which proves the same.

Patty Jenkins is back as the director for the sequel. Right now she and the writer Geoff Johns is working on the script.


The movie was supposed to be released on December 13, 2019, as per the original announcement. But then to deliver the best, makers had pushed it to be released on June 2020. The main lead, Gal Gadot seems happy with the delay saying that the sequel is ‘back to its rightful home’. She shared her happiness about the sequel on her official twitter account.

Gal Gadot will obviously be the the main character again in the sequel. She confirmed the news posting her picture in WW avatar with the caption “She’s back”. According to the sources, Pedro Pascal, known for Game of Thrones is also playing an important character in the movie which has not been disclosed by the makers. According to some people, he might play the villain Maxwell Lord as per the comics.

One more celebrity starring in the movie is Kristen Wiig. The news had been confirmed by Patty Jenkins’ official tweet. She will be playing the villain, The Cheetah. Cheetah is a classic rival of Wonder Woman as per the comics. She is a woman who had been cursed to become a cheetah woman and kill the human.

As per the plot, the old star-cast will not be there in the sequel as they will be dead in the present day but a recent rumor says that Steve Trevor might be seen in the movie. Even Jenkins had confirmed the same. This will be icing on the cake if it is true.

In the last movie, Steve died sacrificing his life for good. People want to see more of him and hence the makers have taken the decision to fit his role in the script. It will be interesting to see how are they going to reprise a dead character in the movie. Excited already ? There is one more surprise. Lynda Carter, playing Wonder Woman on TV will also be starring in the sequel.

As per these rumors, the movie seems quite interesting. We cannot wait to see Gal Gadot fighting in her WW costume once again.

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