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The Revolt, formerly known as The Revival, decided to have fun at Vince McMahon's expense with a new shirt only to have to remove it weeks later.

McMahon had plans to turn The Revival into a comedy team months before the company granted their release request.

The idea that they would become a comedy version of the 1980s tag team The Fabulous Ones, but the tag team didn't like the idea, although they did say they were willing to do it.

Photos of the original artwork for the team and how they would look appeared online. The Revolt pulled out a shirt with one of the images. You can see the artwork here and the shirt below:

The shirt no longer appears in your Pro Wrestling Tee store and there is good reason why.

The tag team received a cease and desist letter from WWE for wearing the image on the shirt. BodySlam.Net He reports that the letter sent by WWE claimed that the company owned the image rights. It should be noted that the shirt had some modifications to the image that made it slightly different from the original artwork.

According to the report, the tag team received the letter about two weeks ago, which is around the same time that the shirt was removed.


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