X Engineering Degrees for Gadget Enthusiasts

Engineering is a broad field of study with various disciplines. There are tons of engineering degrees out there that will surely make Bill Nye the Science Guy proud. Suppose you are a gadget enthusiast that likes the idea of building a career around new and exciting technology. In that case, an engineering-related degree will provide you with the tools to play your part in the next stage of technological innovation. 

Studying for a degree in an engineering-related subject will mean you can apply for technical jobs after graduation. You will also have the opportunity to specialize in a specific area of engineering and technology that piques your interest as a gadget lover.

Technology plays a vital role in our day-to-day lives. So, it isn’t surprising that tech-savvy individuals opt for an engineering degree to hone their technical skills and utilize them in their workplace. Within every subcategory of engineering, there are fascinating specialties. 

Prospective engineering candidates should conduct some research beforehand to ensure that the degrees they choose help them land their dream jobs. Listed below are five exciting engineering degrees great for gadget enthusiasts and can help turn their passion into a fruitful career.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers are responsible for all and any items that utilize electricity to function. Whether they work with electrical appliances, airplanes, or any other type of electronics, there will always be a need for electrical engineers in our society.

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They may utilize their skills in a career such as a computer systems administrator or find themselves working in power generation plants. Depending on your education and area of expertise, you can make up to 150,000 dollars per year on average. So, consider enrolling in a campus-based or an online electrical engineering degree program and utilize your skills in a real-world situation where you can make a big difference technologically.

Software Engineering

After graduation, software engineering candidates commonly apply their trade-in software development after graduation, an extremely profitable profession in the long run. If you love creating applications, computer software, and games, this type of degree is the right choice.

Job growth in the software development field is also highly positive, with around more than 300,000 job openings expected to come forth within the next ten years or so. Furthermore, a career in software development also pays exceptionally well. However, candidates can also pursue a career as computer system analysts, which pays around 88,000 per year on average.

Computer Science 

The great thing about studying computer science is that it provides you with a wide variety of professional options. If you are someone who quickly gets bored sitting around or finds it hard to hold down a job, a computer sciences degree provides you with the ability to try different areas of the engineering field.

Computer science graduates can become IT consultants, data analysts, technical writers, game developers, and much more. For instance, the average salary of an IT consultant is around 74,000 dollars per year on average. In comparison, the average salary of a game developer is about 64,268 dollars per year on average.

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Web Development

You will only require an Associate’s degree to apply for a position in the web development field. Such a thing makes this degree type an ideal choice for avid technology lovers who don’t have the money to fund a graduate or bachelor’s engineering degree.

Furthermore, a career in web development is enjoyable for tech-savvy individuals who enjoy designing websites and working on online platforms. That said, the highest salary a web developer can earn is around 122,320 dollars per year. So, you are up for immense success if you have the determination and the required skillset.

Information Technology

Just like computer sciences, candidates who enroll in an information technology degree program can take advantage of a plethora of various career choices. However, the difference between the two engineering degrees is that an IT-based degree is more about management and upkeep of systems, databases, and networks.

Meanwhile, computer science focuses on computer programming and software-related tasks. IT professionals work in network architecture, systems administration, and IT security management. So, if you are keen on playing with the latest IT tech and gadgets, acquiring an information technology degree might be the way to go.

Cyber Security

With the numerous data breaches occurring worldwide over the past decade or so, organizations need systems and skilled professionals to protect their secure data and information. A cybersecurity degree will train candidates about potential security risks, identifying them, and defending against malicious attacks.

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Some activities and tasks you may need to perform as a cybersecurity expert include providing technical support, implementing anti-malware and ransomware software, and monitoring different security systems. Furthermore, other than providing you with an opportunity to become a cybersecurity guru, you can expect to earn an average salary of around 93,638 dollars per year on average.

Robotics Engineering

If R2D2 from the Star Wars franchise is your favorite fantasy character of all time, a degree in robotics will teach you all there is to know about robots and how they function! These include construction, operations, design, and the systems involved in their computerization and information processing.

Such an engineering type falls in the electrical engineering field, while candidates with a mechanical engineering background can also benefit from studying robotics engineering. Moreover, jobs in the robotics field are fruitful as the average recorded salary of a robotics engineer is around 77,000 dollars per year.


The technology and engineering field is constantly snowballing as electronics and computers become more mainstream in our everyday lives. By pursuing any of the engineering-based degrees mentioned above, you will enjoy a personally satisfying career and one that allows your creative juices to flow while earning a high salary in the process.

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