Yankee With No Brim ?

Newsdio.com Staff : If you are on any kind of social media, you will come across a meme at least twice a day! It is an inevitable phenomenon. From just being silly jokes through an image, memes have developed into a different type of art that showcases various problems in a fun manner to make it more appealing or more “viral,” according to the internet lingo. 

Every day so many different memes go viral around the world. One such meme is what “Yankee With No Brim” is

What Does Yankee With No Brim Mean?

It is a meme that first originated through a video in which a man is wearing a Yankee hat that has no brim. The video seems to have been recorded in a parking lot by a bunch of men. In the video, the man recording says,” Whoa! Yankee with no brim,” making the video go viral and give the netizens a good laugh. 

For those who don’t understand the phrase, the man was wearing a hat with the logo of the New York Yankee’s basketball team, without the brim. Hence the phrase “Yankee with no brim.”

How much is a Yankee with no brim?

In case you are wondering! No, these hats do not exist, or at least they are neither sold by any fashion brands nor is it merchandise by the team. However, you can customize your own hat by trimming the brim off. 

What is a hat without a brim called?

A hat without a brim is generally called a pillbox hat with straight, upright sides. In relevance to the meme, there is no name for a Yankee hat with no brim. It is simply an ordinary hat that is somehow missing the brim, and it is not the same as a pillbox hat.

Every second there are so many memes being created by millions of creators around the globe trying to make humorous images with good content! It is truly a difficult job. In today’s stressful life, it always good to have a laugh. 

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