Zack Snyder wanted to film more scenes for his JUSTICE LEAGUE cut with the cast, but WB said no – Newsdio


When the details of how Zack Snydercourt of League of Justice It ended up being picked up by HBO Max, we learned that Snyder put together a presentation in February and invited a select group of executives from Warner Bros., HBO Max, and DC to his home to show them his version of the movie.

After the screening, Snyder described his ideas for launching his cut of the film, and "The executives left the meeting excited." The plan includes bringing in the original post-production team to annotate the film, cut it, and add and finish the original visuals for the film.

Another aspect of that initial release that was recently revealed included bringing in the original cast to shoot new scenes for the movie, but it was where the studio drew the line. They said no, but the cast will return to record an additional dialogue. Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap reports:

"There will be no filming of any kind with any actor. It is just an additional dialogue. Here is something that has yet to be reported: [Snyder] wanted to film and wanted to do additional photography, but HBO Max said no, that is not. it's happening.

"We will give him money for post-production, for special effects, for scoring and even ADR, but not for any kind of re-recording in this movie."

The studio is willing to inject between $ 20 million and $ 30 million into Snyder's vision for the film. It makes sense that WB doesn't want to spend more than that. I'm really surprised that they're even putting that kind of investment into it. But, it's great that they are. I still think it's crazy that after all these years, after everything that happened, Snyder was finally able to sell his vision of Justice League to the studio and this time they really want to do it.


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