Zhang To Occupy The Alibaba Spotlight Soon

Mr. Daniel Zhang is soon going to take over the complete leadership of Alibaba from the founder Mr. Jack Ma.

On Monday Ma has declared that in a year’s time he is going to step down from the executive chairman position and hand over the responsibility to Zhang who has been the CEO of Alibaba’s board since the year 2015.

Ma before entering the business sector was an English teacher who became famous all across the world because of his playful antics like impersonating the famous pop star Michel Jackson at a company’s event that took place in the last year.

On the other, Zhang is 46 and is an accountant with a calm temper. However, according to the Chinese media, Zhang is the person who actually transformed and helped Ma in his venture and therefore, he is considered to be fit for the position.

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Zhang completed his finance studies at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Before joining Alibaba in the year 2007, Zhang was the senior manager of Price Waterhouse Coopers and also the chief financial officer at Chinese online games.

Zhang, with this talent and skills, is known to have contributed a lot to the success of Alibaba. He was the man behind creating the Singles Day which is considered to be the biggest retail day in China.

Zhang answered the US Black Friday with the Singles Day which witnessed over $25 billion worth of products getting sold up on the Alibaba platform.

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In the year 2013, Zhang was appointed as the chief operating officer of Alibaba followed by becoming the CEO in the year 2015.

Zhang is known to have transformed Alibaba’s platform from a computer-based platform to a mobile-based one. Today, it accounts for about 80% of the total gross goods value.

According to sources, Alibaba’s revenues have skyrocketed to around 90%. Today, Alibaba is considered to be one of the most valuable companies in the world which are known to have a $420 billion of market capitalization.

Jeffrey Towson who is the investor, author and business professor at the Perking University states that Ma is a charismatic figure but Daniel Zhang is the smarter one, however, press conferences are not really his cup of tea. Zhang does not know how to manage a press conference well.

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He also states that the entire management team of Alibaba is wickedly smart. He adds that they have the one of the best management team that exists in the world as of today. He further adds to his statement by saying that each of them has their pros and cons and are also trying really hard to improve on the same.

Zhang also loves and is a complete fan of sports like football and basketball. According to the Chinese media, Mr. Zhang is an ardent follower of the English Arsenal club.

He is a man who likes to stay out of battles but surely knows how to act smart in tough situations.

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