Zoom Video conferencing platform is down: The app crashes across the world

The internet has definitely come as a boon in the present scenario when people have to quit jobs amidst the lockdown due to the growing rage of this novel Coronavirus. Most people seem to work from homes as they have got no option left with them in hand. Not just the concern is related to the employed people, but at the same time, it is becoming a huge trouble since virtual classes are being conducted for students all across the globe. The Zoom app which has got a really good amount of momentum ever since the novel Coronavirus outbreak took place has got some issue recently. It seems to be down and is not working properly. As a result, the users seem to be truly frustrated as their meetings and working modules have been interrupted. 

Zoom Down: A big issues for employees and students

Zoom, which happens to be one of the most popular video conferencing platforms that millions of people use to connect for school and work has recently been down on Monday morning. The app isn’t functioning properly all across the globe. Parents, students and parents had to face the maximum amount of challenge owing to the symstem glitches. Since thousands of students have to deal with Virtual schools via this platform, the crash of the app this Monday was certainly no less than a curse to them. Also, the users had to face difficulties in loggin in, as well as accessing the server. They even had to deal with poor video quality.

The users have reported that there was some kind of issue in connecting to the server as they could not proceed while logging in. The outages were first reported around 7.40 AM ET Monday and then by Monday afternoon, the numbers of reported outages dropped from approximately 17000 users to that of less than 3000 users. 

Zoom crashes due to technical issues

Zoom Video communication has become quite popular and millions of new users have been relying upon it recently as they have no other choice but to stay inside the home. Consequently, the app has successfully managed to get around 300 million users worldwide. Whatsoever, according to the recent reports, it was found out that technical issues are going on all around the globe, and that’s probably the reason behind the interruption of Zoom app as well. 

Zoom has made an announcement following this incident via its Twitter page at around 10.20 AM ET saying that it had successfully identified the issue. It would probably be hours prior to the international communications giant had offered a substantial progress report for its customers. Furthermore, the authorities have declared that they are constantly trying to monitor this issue, thereby assuring that things will get well really soon. They have also asked the users to have some patience, and have also asked for their sincere apologies for the inconveniences that have been caused.

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