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The final episodes of BoJack Horseman They are scheduled to debut on Netflix on January 31. The climax of the popular animated program is eagerly anticipated and, judging by the events of the final season so far, fans can expect to see BoJack's past come back to haunt him after the troubled horse finally embarks on a path of redemption.

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Many theories speculate about the fate of BoJack and the end of the game in general. Fans hope their favorite characters get the happy ending they crave, but this is Bojack, after all. Here are ten amazing theories for the final season of BoJack Horseman.

10 BoJack dies

This would be a dark end to the show, but BoJack Horseman He has shown several times that he does not shy away from the darkest stories. Fans have followed BoJack for six seasons and, despite his despicable behavior, there is a sympathetic element in the horse with problems that people relate to.

The initial credits could be a clue to the fate of BoJack. The 90's icon is shown falling back in his pool while Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter look at him in horror. This could presage the final scene of the show and spoil the fate of BoJack.

9 9 BoJack fakes his death

If the initial credits of BoJack Horseman They are foreshadowing the fate of the titular character, so a different ending might be possible. After BoJack falls into the water, the credits are reduced to another scene of him lying casually in a pool resting in the sun, which could be a clue that BoJack will fake his death.

The troubled horse has reasons to escape from the public eye after the events of the sixth season so far. The media could soon find out about BoJack's role in the death of Sarah Lynn, as well as what happened in New Mexico.

8 Mr. Peanutbutter is blamed for the crimes of BoJack

In the sixth season "A Quick One, While While Away", Hollyhock is back Bojack Pete's character repeats at a party, and he tells her about his encounters with BoJack on graduation night. Pete doesn't mention BoJack's name and seems to doubt when Hollyhock urges him to tell the truth. This suggests that he knows that Hollyhock and BoJack are related and that he doesn't want to hurt his feelings.

A theory for the next final installment of BoJack Horseman He speculates that, in panic, Pete could release Mr. Peanutbutter's name and blame the adorable Labrador for the crimes of BoJack. It would be a test of BoJack's character to see if he would present the truth or not.

7 7 We met a fan obsessed with BoJack & # 39; s

This theory is a bit more extravagant, but it is certainly within the realms of BoJack Horseman BoJack issues pursues and clings to fame as a means of validation, but this could come back to haunt him if an obsessive fan of his suddenly appears after the troubled horse makes peace with his past.

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It's quite late to introduce another character, but it would be interesting to see how BoJack navigates the situation. If the initial credits are hinting at his tragic fate, then an obsessed fan could be responsible, and BoJack's fame will kill him in the end.

6 6 BoJack reads his father's book

BoJack Horseman explores the tense and abusive relationship of the titular character with his parents. His mother Beatrice dies off screen between seasons four and five, and his father Butterscotch passed away before the show's events.

Not much is known about BoJack's father, except that he wrote a book that was unsuccessful after struggling to write for years. In the last installment of the program, BoJack was finally able to read the book to which his father dedicated his life and fans can learn more about the character.

5 5 Hollyhock saves BoJack

One of the healthiest relationships in BoJack's life is his relationship with his younger sister. Hollyhock first appeared in the fourth season of BoJack Horseman, and he was thought to be his daughter until BoJack learns that she is the daughter of his father Butterscotch and his former maid Henrietta.

BoJack seems to genuinely care about Hollyhock and has been making efforts to improve after his stay in rehabilitation. With his guaranteed past to pursue him again, Hollyhock could be the person who saves BoJack from himself.

4 4 Diane and BoJack give themselves to their feelings

BoJack and Diane are very different people who, by appearance, should not like each other. BoJack has been a predator with women and has hurt the people around him, making him someone for whom Diane should be rejected. However, the two share several similarities and understand each other in a way that the other characters do not.

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In the last installment of the program, BoJack and Diane were able to give in to their feelings and share a night of passion. However, if this leads to something serious it is still unlikely.

3 Todd inherits BoJack's house

Todd is possibly the most innocent character in the show, and if any character deserves a happy ending, it's him. He accidentally got rich earlier in the program and happily gave it away, and if something happens to BoJack, he could find himself inheriting another fortune.

This would be a bittersweet moment when Todd realizes that BoJack cared for him despite his actions. BoJack owes Todd an apology for the way he has treated his best friend, and leaving him the house he stayed in for so long would be an emotional farewell.

two Judah and Princess Carolyn get together

Princess Carolyn is another Bojack character that deserves a happy ending. The dedicated professional cat juggled her work and her new commitments as a mother in the first half of the sixth season and, hopefully, will find love in the final episodes.

The former PC assistant, Judah Mannowdog, returned in the sixth season to help with the strike of the attendees and resume his position at VIM. He still shares chemistry with Princess Carolyn, and it would be a sweet ending for his character if he finally found love with someone who is the opposite of BoJack.

one A movie about the life of BoJack is made

Bojacks Will Arnett and Steph Curry producing the second half

In the first season of BoJack Horseman, The editor of BoJack hires Diane to write a book about the life of the troubled horse, which elevates his career and reveals dark secrets about his life. The final season could return to this story, with a posthumous film about the life of BoJack.

BoJack played Secretary in his biopic during the second season, and it would be interesting to see another character repeat the experience playing BoJack. BoJack's life has been largely in public view, and it makes sense that his death is too.

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