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We will accept a variety of contributed material for possible inclusion on NewsDio, our social accounts and in our e-mail newsletter.

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Acceptable submissions may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • News/product releases
  • Articles
  • Feature articles
  • Guest columns
  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Tutorials
  • Market overviews
  • Application notes
  • Product reviews
  • Opinion pieces
  • Multimedia (videos, podcasts, etc.)

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Submission Process

Unsolicited news and product releases are accepted via the contact form at the bottom of this page.
Contributors are encouraged to include artwork such as photos, graphics, or charts with their releases.

Articles are also accepted. Contributors are encouraged to contact us before submitting editorials, though this is not a requirement.
An outline, abstract, or brief description of the article should be included. A brief biography of the author is also recommended.

Unsolicited multimedia files are not accepted via e-mail. If you are interested in submitting a multimedia file please e-mail the editor with a brief description of the content, along with the file type and file size. The editor will then arrange for the most appropriate method of file transfer.


All contributed content should be tailored to our audience and their daily work. News events, emerging technologies, industry trends and issues, and problem-solving techniques are appropriate topics. All contributions are subject to editing for length, content, and appropriate style. Circular reserves the right to deem any submission as acceptable or unacceptable.


News releases should be at least 200 words in length. Articles should be at least 600 words, but may be much longer, depending on the type of article.


Contributors are encouraged to submit artwork such as photos, graphics, charts, graphs, or figures with their content. Only digital images will be accepted; JPEG and GIF formats are preferred. Image file size should be no larger than 100k. Ideal dimensions for the lead image are 450 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. If deemed necessary, images may be subject to resizing and/or cropping.

Tier 2 Links:

if you make Tier 2 links then your post will be removed with out any warning and we do not give any refund.

Should you wish to make a contribution or advertising inquiry please Message us on [email protected]