10 best Michael Fassbender movies, according to Rotten Tomatoes


Michael Fassbender has gone from being a leading actor in smaller projects to one of the most interesting actors in Hollywood. His good appearance as a movie star makes him a perfect type of protagonist, but his versatility as an actor makes him take more risks and follow the path of a character actor.

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Critics have often praised him as a powerful and intense actor who can always be counted on to offer stellar acting. His skills have allowed him to be part of some really great movies that have received much acclaim. Here are the best Michael Fassbender movies, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

10 Jane Eyre (84%)

Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowski in Jane Eyre

Fassbender is an actor who feels at home in a story of any era. In Jane Eyre, helped to give life to one of the most intriguing literary characters in the story of a young woman who is sent to work for a lone teacher Rochester (Fassbender). As he approaches the man, he learns of his darkest secrets.

The film skillfully balances a complicated tone between feeling elegant and romantic, as well as mysterious and premonitory. Mia Wasikowska received many compliments for her powerful acting as a titular character, while Fassbender provided a complex love interest.

9 9 X-Men: First class (86%)

When Fassbender began receiving more attention in Hollywood, he made the classic movie star jump into the superhero genre. X Men First generation He told the origin story of how the X-Men formed, as well as the early friendship and the eventual fall of Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Fassbender).

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Taking on roles that became famous for Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan was surely a daunting task, but McAvoy and Fassbender impressed many with their performances. The film itself was a fun throwback adventure that transplanted the fun mutant world of the X-Men to a Cold War setting.

8 Steve Jobs (86%)

Michael Fassbender at Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the most recognized figures in the modern world, so Fassbender was cut work for him in this Danny Boyle movie. The film avoids feeling like a typical biographical film by focusing only on three periods of Jobs's life, each of which occurs before the launch of a new product when dealing with the various relationships in his life.

Fassbender is perfect in the lead role, wonderfully balancing the pleasant and not-so-pleasant elements of Jobs's personality. The rest of the cast, which includes Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen and Jeff Daniels, is stellar and everyone does a great job giving life to Aaron Sorkin's sharp and witty screenplay.

7 7 Bastards without glory (89%)

Damn bastards: bar scene with Michael Fassbender

Almost any actor would take the opportunity to work with Quentin Tarantino and Fassbender had the pleasure of being part of his epic war madness, Inglorious Bastards. The film follows a group of brutal Jewish soldiers known as the Bastards who hunt the Nazis with vengeance during World War II. Fassbender plays a British officer who is associated with the Basterds.

The movie is full of incredible dialogue, extreme violence and memorable characters that we expect from a Tarantino movie. Christoph Waltz stands out among the brilliant cast as an intelligent and sadistic Nazi. It's the movie that when Tarantino approaches any story, you really don't know how it will end.

6 6 X-Men: Days of the Future Past (90%)

Michael Fassbender Magneto X-Men Days of the Future Past

Fassbender returned to the world of X-Men for this ambitious sequel that combined the old X-Men movies with the new one. In the future, when mutants are being hunted and killed, Wolverine is sent on time to prevent this from happening with the help of the young Professor X and Magneto.

The film is a great and bold science fiction adventure that somehow manages to weave these two stories in an intelligent and satisfying way. There are some ingenious sequences, great character moments and lots of fun.

5 5 Hunger (90%)

Hungry. Michael Fassbender

In one of his first leading roles, Fassbender showed that he was one of the most powerful actors working in movies today. Based on a true story, Hungry Fassbender plays Bobby Sands, an IRA from Northern Ireland who leads a hunger strike while in prison.

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Fassbender is amazing in this very challenging role. He lost a considerable amount of weight, which makes it difficult to look at him sometimes. It is a heartbreaking story told honestly and without glamor by filmmaker Steve McQueen, which makes it an unforgettable experience.

4 4 Fish tank (91%)

Michael Fassbender in fishbowl

Even when he was receiving more attention in Hollywood, Fassbender continued to appear in smaller projects that showed his versatility. Fishbowl It is a small independent drama about a lonely and volatile young woman who lives with her mother in a poor area of ​​the city and begins a relationship with her mother's new boyfriend (Fassbender).

The raw and entrenched drama impressed many critics for their honest look at the struggles of the young central character. Newcomer Katie Jarvis received many acclamations, as did Fassbender for her strong supporting role.

3 Slow West (92%)

Kodi Smit-McPhee and Michael Fassbender in Slow West

Fassbender had the opportunity to show off his cowboy with this acclaimed but invisible Western. Slow west he follows a boy who travels to the United States from his homeland, Scotland, to persecute the woman he loves. He is joined in his trip by an outlaw, played by Fassbender.

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Although not as action packed as some westerns, the movie is compelling. Fassbender is great as a man who walks the line between good and bad. There is a fun sense of humor at all times, as well as some great tense moments.

two Frank (92%)

It's great to see that even after finding fame, Fassbender is still willing to take on some risky projects. Frank stars in Domhall Gleeson as a young aspiring musician who joins an unusual pop group led by the eccentric Frank (Fassbender), who always hides his face under the head of a giant and large doll.

For an actor as famous as Fassbender, hiding his face during an entire movie and still giving an electrifying performance is a feat. It is fun, strange and touching without any facial expression. The film itself is a wonderfully strange and totally unique journey.

one 12 years of slavery (95%)

12 years of slavery It has been called one of the most heartbreaking films of all time. It is the tragic true story of Solomon Northrup (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a black man who was born free but is kidnapped and sold as a slave. Fassbender plays the cruel plantation owner who buys Solomon.

The movie is certainly not easy to see since director Steven McQueen does not save the viewer any of the horrors of slavery. However, it is still a powerful film that tells this incredible story honestly with an exceptional cast that offers unforgettable performances.

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