10 of the best language learning applications that will make you speak fluently


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The best language learning applications can help you develop vocabulary, develop proper grammar and, finally, master the lessons that are easy to digest and retain. They are economical, especially when compared to formal schooling.

Most high schools require students to take at least one language Of course before they can graduate. I learned French and, although I loved the language, it was not natural. The cycle repeated my first year of university when I tried Spanish: although I had an attractive teacher, I had problems. Fortunately, I passed (even to hold back A little conversational Spanish!), But the experience helped me realize something.

Grouping a language, any language, in a four-month semester (with your GPA at play) is not always the best way to learn it. I also realized that I had to want to learn a new language

General introductory courses can arouse interest in a language that leads to more advanced courses, study abroad, masters programs and more. But those of you who don't want to go Back to school You still have options to learn a new language to travel, get rich or better connect with your heritage.

Here are the top 10 best language learning applications that make it easy for you to learn a language at your own pace.

Screenshot / Babbel

I found that Babbel is the closest thing to a foreign language course that you would see in an online school curriculum. The minimalist design of the application helps to prevent a new language (French for me) from looking overwhelming without making it boring. Each lesson takes you through translations and includes variations of the word or phrase, images and whether it is formal or informal. If you are asked to spell a sentence, the letters are included.

You can also see the words you are learning in common conversations, listen to them (if you choose to have audio activated), repeat the phrases and learn more about groups of verbs.

Babbel is free, or you can subscribe to a package. Monthly subscriptions are $ 12.95, a three-month subscription is $ 27, six months costs $ 45 and one year is $ 84.

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Screenshot / Duolingo

As a regular Duolingo user, I enjoy the colorful interface and the short exercises that look like games. The application does not restrict how many languages ​​you can try to learn at the same time (personally, I think two is a good maximum if you want to retain something). I use Duolingo to practice Spanish and German.

I like Duolingo's easy-to-use design and the "streak" function, which motivates him to keep track of the number of days he has reached his goal. If you use the online application, you can access resources such as Duolingo Stories, which are short audio stories that allow you to verify your comprehension skills as you go. I also subscribe to Premium for $ 10 per month, which gives me access to a feature that allows me to chat with a language tutor from a country where the language is spoken.

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Screenshot / Memrise

One of my favorite parts of Memrise is the use that makes the application of short videos to show how real locals express different phrases in the conversation. I tried the French course, and the first lesson alone allowed me to hear the tone of voice and casual pronunciation, in addition to showing me the literal translation of the phrase and explaining its use of gender. The application also helps you detect patterns in the language to make it easier to improve your skills.

Some lessons are available for free every day, but the full program is unlocked if you subscribe to Memrise Pro. There are three plans: one month for $ 9, one year for $ 30 or three months for $ 18.

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Screenshot / Busuu

When you register with Busuu, you select the language you want to learn, and the application helps you determine how advanced you are with it and why you want to learn it, and at what level. From there, it establishes a daily study objective and, if it subscribes to the premium plan, it creates a study plan so that it reaches its objective on a specific date. For example, Busuu says that if I study three times a week for 10 minutes a day, I will be quite fluent in my chosen language by June 2020.

The premium costs $ 5.83 per month for one year. Even without a cousin, Busuu offered valuable tools if you want to learn a language.

I tried Italian with Busuu and I liked the clean and bright design of the application. Busuu also offers useful reminders: the second time I logged in, it reminded me of the "weak words" I needed to revise to improve my vocabulary. In addition to hearing a phrase combined with a photo of the corresponding action, Busuu included useful vocabulary tips (such as "chao" can mean "hello" or "goodbye").

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Screenshot / Lirica

If you listen to a song enough, you will learn all the words through repetition, even if they are in a different language. But how do you understand what they mean? This is where the Lirica application comes into play. This application is unique in its approach to teaching Spanish. Instead of traditional teaching methods to learn a language, Lirica uses popular music by Latin and reggaeton artists to help her learn the language and grammar of Spanish. In addition to learning the language, you are also immersing yourself in the culture behind it.

Lirica has a free one-week trial and then costs $ 4.49 per month. For now, the application only offers Spanish, but its website says it plans to add more languages ​​in the future.

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Screenshot / Mondly

Like Drops, Mondly is a fun and colorful application that has multiple features to take advantage of, even if you don't subscribe to premium. I tried Hungarian for beginners in this application, and I liked how it offered to show you different conjugations if you played the verbs. The application includes images, translations and headphones to help your specific learning style.

The instructor also speaks the words and phrases in a rather melodic way that made it easier for me to remember them (even after trying different languages ​​in different applications).

On top of that, Mondly is offering a great discount on its Premium features over the next five days. Premium access is usually $ 480 a year, but was reduced to $ 48.

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Screenshot / Drops

I tried my luck in Greek in the Drops application. The fun and colorful design of the application definitely made the language (which has its own alphabet) less intimidating. The application shows users each word in the Greek alphabet and the English alphabet, and says the word and shows a picture of it.

If you do not subscribe to the premium for $ 10 per month, you must wait 10 hours to access another lesson, but you can check your statistics after completing the lesson (correct answers, incorrect answers and words learned) and touch the words you have learned to listen to them pronounced again (and see them written in the Greek alphabet). This can give you an advantage when you start your next lesson.

Netflix screenshot / Rome

Although technically not an application, the free Language Learning with Netflix Chrome extension can be useful in your journey to become multilingual. Install the extension and click on the icon to start the catalog of movie and TV program options. However, you need a subscription to Netflix.

Once you start the catalog, you can choose from hundreds of titles that use Netflix movies to help teach different languages. For example, if you want to work in your Spanish, select the language from the drop-down menu, along with the country where you are using Netflix. If you are watching in the United States, the extension generates 306 titles. To watch one of the movies, simply click on the red "Watch on Netflix" button. Depending on the language you want to learn, you may have fewer titles to choose from.

As the series or movie is played, two sets of subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen. One set is your native language and the other is the one you want to learn. The words stand out as they are pronounced, like a karaoke to sing. You can listen to the phrase phrase by phrase, pause and play as necessary, access a built-in dictionary and more.


Pimsleur is an application that offers 51 languages ​​to learn, but offers information in the form of a podcast. Essentially, you will choose the language you want to learn and begin a 30-minute listening lesson (downloadable and compatible with Alexa). The application also has a driving mode, so you can improve your skills during long trips without looking at a screen.

Users get a free 7-day trial. An audio-only subscription costs $ 14.95 / month, while a Premium subscription (which includes the 12 best-selling languages) is $ 19.95 / month. Features include reading lessons, role play challenges and digital cards.

Screenshot / Rosetta Stone

Perhaps the best-known language learning service, Rosetta Stone has come a long way since it began in the 1990s. My parents still have a box of records to learn Spanish somewhere in their home. Now it is much easier with the Rosetta Stone application, but you still need at least 30 minutes to complete a Main Lesson.

I tried Rosetta Stone's first Irish lesson, which was mainly auditory with images, although there are ways to customize the application according to your learning preferences. The lesson started quite challenging, especially since it was completely new in the Irish language. But it became easier as it progressed.

Rosetta Stone has a variety of subscription options, depending on the language: for example, Spanish costs $ 27 for three months, $ 19.84 for six months, $ 14.92 for one year or $ 10.30 for two years.

Originally posted October 7 at 4 a.m. PT. Updated at 12:10 p.m. PT: Corrected price information for Pimsleur.

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