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What is better than the action with horror, blood and guts in the mix so that your adrenaline triggers? We don't know what it is, but we love the gore of this kind of movies. Belko's experiment, an action thriller of 2016, brought all the scenes of graphic murders and the psychological madness we want in our movies. It's super nasty, but we can't look the other way. The premise of the film is a macabre social experiment that results in the characters trapped in their office building in Colombia when a strange voice appears on the intercom and leads everyone to confusion and terror.

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10 Staff number

At the beginning of the movie, we are introduced to Belko Industries and the staff. The main players are at the forefront as everyone gets to work at the beginning of the day. We met Mike Milch, played by John Gallagher, Jr; Barry Noris, played by Tony Goldwyn; Leandra Florez, played by Adria Arjona; and Dany Wilkins, who is starting his first day at Belko Industries, played by Melonie Diaz, just to name a few. In addition to the main characters, the total number of personnel present in the building at the time of all the chaos is 80. That generates many bloodshed.

9 9 The plot has been made

As mentioned, the focus of the film revolves around a group of coworkers trapped in their workplace who are forced to kill each other. You may or may not have noticed the similarity of the plot of this film with that of Battle Royale, a 2000 science fiction / suspense. In Battle Royale, a group of teenagers is taken to an island with food, weapons, maps and explosive collars that explode if they break the rules. The ultimate goal is survival: kill everyone else and if you are the last one standing, you can leave the island. Belko's experiment Follow the same plot with the biggest difference is the playing field.

8 Director

Not everyone pays close attention to credits. The focus is usually on the image itself and the cast of characters. You may have seen The Belko Experiment and do not know the names of most of the main actors, but unless you have paid attention to the credits or consulted with Google, you may not know immediately who sat on the director's chair and orchestrated the bloody beauty of everything. It was Greg McLean, the man who also directed Jungle, Wolf Creek Y Wolf Creek 2.

7 7 The genius behind the madness

When experiencing certain movies, regardless of genre, we sometimes wonder what happens in the minds of writers. That was the case with Belko's experiment. There is so much violence and bloodshed that it is difficult not to give the creator some attention because who dreams of something like that? This movie came from the mind of James Gunn, who also brought us great as Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of the galaxy vol. two, and a related horror, Slide. Thank you, James Gunn, for this amazing horror job.

6 6 The story behind the creation

Now that you know who wrote the script, let's dig into some interesting facts about how it went to the big screen. James Gunn reported that he dreamed of the idea (or trailer) for the movie. Sounds less like a dream and more like a horrible nightmare. He wanted to make the movie in 2007 when he wrote the script, but he stopped it because he was dealing with other issues. That's fine because we still have the bloody gift of Belko's experiment, Even if it was years later.

5 5 Repeat coworkers

With all the intense murders shown on the screen, you may not have noticed that there are familiar faces in this movie that you could have seen in other works by Gunn. Michael Rooker, who played Bud Melks in the film, worked on other James Gunn projects. Acted on Guardians of the Galaxy like Yondu, like Abe in superand as Grant in Slide. Belko's experiment It is the fifth time that Rooker acts in a James Gunn movie. It is safe to say that they get along very well then.

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4 4 There is no rivalry between brothers

Michael Rooker is not the only one with whom Gunn enjoys filming. His younger brother, Sean, was part of Belko's experiment. How many of you got that? According to reports, the writer allowed his brother to choose the role he wanted to play and young Gunn selected the role of Marty. This is not the first project of his older brother that Sean has worked on either. He plays Kraglin in both Guardians of the Galaxy Movies to date. There is no rivalry between brothers here. Nothing but love and support for the careers of others.

3 Unique death scene

There are many horrific deaths in The Belko Experiment, but which one stands out the most? There were many shots and heads literally exploding, but they were quick (and probably merciful compared to other ways some characters came to an end). The top had to be Bud Melks, who was brutally beaten with a spanner … alas! Rooker, having worked with James Gunn before, was able to work with him to adapt his death scene and make it more unique and memorable. He worked with the CGI team to ensure the creation of unique injuries. The death scene was memorable.

two Hidden message

This little detail is very easy to lose, even if you have seen the movie several times. It is such a small detail that probably only the extremely observant would notice. When the Belko Industries logo is displayed, if you look close enough, you will notice the shape of an eye on its side. This is symbolic of one of the main themes of the movie, which is that everyone is being watched. This employee surveillance was further described when we discovered that everyone had trackers implanted at the base of their skulls (which actually turned out to be bombs).

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one The bottom line of the experiment

It's easy to get confused and get lost in all the action, even more so when it comes to a psychological thriller like Belko's experiment. With the bodies falling to the left, right and center, it is dazzling for the eyes and the brain. If some of the dialogue got lost in you, that's fine, maybe the blood and the blood were too much. In the end we discovered that the purpose of the whole frightening game is a sick social experiment to basically control how different people act when they are under pressure. His methods were extremely extreme, don't you think?

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