6 best laptop cases you should go for

6 best laptop cases you should go for
6 best laptop cases you should go for

How eager have you been towards purchasing the case right the moment when you buy a new phone?

Obviously, you have made the habit of getting a case almost immediately. But, what about your laptop?

Doesn’t it deserve equal care and comfort? Yes, it does . Even more as the current scenario has entitled us to be online for longer hours, thereby making an excessive use of this gadget. So, it is your responsibility to safeguard from scratches or dampness from surfaces as you may have accidentally placed it etc. Well, following is the list of the best laptop cases you can own for yourself:-

Thule Gauntlet 3.0

Different cases are designed with their own uniqueness. Likewise, if you are looking for additional padding than an AmazonBasics sleeve, then Thule is your best choice. The best thing is that your case doesn’t hinder you from using your laptop. So, basically, it is in the case and yes you are using your laptop, because it has built-in elastic straps with clamshell design. It offers a full-zip case for enhanced comfort. Before you opt for the case, do check the dimension of your laptop as it is available in 13 inch and 15 inch configuration. There are three colors available as well.

AmazonBasics sleeve

When things are simply and basic, then they are far easier to be handled. Yes, I am talking amazonBasics sleeve which is a single-pocket sleeve and its cushioned body gives you much needed care and comfort. Considering the many fancy options which you may have seen online, it is easy to be carried in your backpack while you have to commute on a daily basis. There are different colors for you to choose from in terms of blue, black, gray and navy blue 


 A larger laptop may require you to have a sufficiently spacious laptop and ProCase does exactly the same. It can accommodate a laptop which is 15.6 inches wide. Obviously, you can associate the manufacturers to be creating a case which is water resistant, sufficiently padded with soft lining. Here, you are going to ensure just the same. Charger can be kept in the large packet it has. So, if you don’t want to carry in the backpack, there is a handle attached in the sleeve for you to carry.

AmCase laptop case

If you wanted to have a handle for your case, then AmCase serves your purpose. It is basically a sleeve style laptop and is available in two sizes. While the front pocket lets you keep the charger. The in-depth safety of your laptop has been dearly ensured and met thanks to the sophisticated Neoprene Impact form which has created a viably great option for your laptop. 

InaTeck Laptop case

The InaTeck Laptop case goes overboard towards adding an extra layer of softness with 8mm of padding on different sides. It is equally resistant to scratches and is splashproof. Usually, such a delicate technological invention looks for due care and comfort, so it offers a side-mounted zipper which prevents the laptop for any accidental fall. 

Dbrand skins

Different cases have unique levels of specifications. Dbrand skins have an attractive side to it. Thanks to the presence of 20 unique colors and textures. They may not be too effective when it comes to dampness or splashing of water. 

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