Failing The On-Page SEO Again And Again-Know The 7 Essential Factors For Efficient SEO

Plenty of times, the website owners try to do the website’s on-page SEO, but they fail miserably. They are unable to get the results that they are expecting. Due to this, many people lose hope for growth in the online business world. The main reason why such a website owner fails the SEO is that they don’t know the on-page SEO essentials properly. 

From the top of the website, and according to their knowledge available, they do the website’s SEO. However, there are still many essential factors that they miss out on, according to the SEO agency in Auckland. They are:-

The E-A-T framework

Have you ever heard of words like Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness? Most people must be hearing this term for the first time in their life, but it is a very important factor in on-page SEO. The EAT is a framework that is used by the rater of Google. With the help of this, they access the content and the website and start analyzing their content. 

If the content is a premium quality, then Google will try to elevate it and keep it in the list of best websites and content they show to the visitor. But in case they find that your content is of low quality, then the chances of visibility are pretty less. 

Importance of title tags and met descriptions 

On the on-page SEO, the owners make a mistake that they take care of what is inside the website but forget what they are showcasing to the other people on the first look, i.e., the title and the meta tags. Remember, when you search on Google, then there is a heading of the website and then a small description of the page. It is the title and the meta tags. People insert the keyword in the content and try to make it catchy but forget what needs to look catchy. 

If the Meta and the title tags are catchy, then on the first scroll of the eye over the tags, they think that the person’s content will be great. But on the other hand, if these tags are boring, then there will be an image formed in the person’s mind that the content will also b boring, and they ignore the website. That is why always remember that also gives importance to all these meta and the title tags. 

Headlines of the content 

What’s inside the content will not be important until its headline is not impressive and compelling. That is why the content creator must give at least 5 to 6 minutes thinking of the catchy headline for their content, which helps them convert. The headline must be having something that gives some value to the visitor from the very first word. 

You can apply for some numbers in the website headline or other compelling words like offers or discounts. It will decrease your bounce-back rates, and people start interacting with your actual content. 

Writing according to the SEO

There are two entities that you have to impress with the writing of your website. The first one is the visitors who will be coming to your page, and the other one is Google. That is why all the content you make must be direct to the point so that customers don’t get bored reading and interacting with your content. Also, add elements to the content that is liked by Google, which increases your ranking. It is known as the actual SEO based writings. 

If you are successful in making content that attracts, then you can overrule any of the websites that are standing in your competition. 

Keyword Cannibalization 

People always try to put as many keywords on their website, due to which one keyword of their page starts eating the ranking of the other page of the same website. One keyword of your start competing with your other keyword makes the situation worse for your website. Whenever you add the keywords to your website, always try that you add different keywords on different pages to save your page from the cannibalism of the keywords. 


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