7 Thoughtful and Stylish Gifts to Give Your BFF

Stylish Gifts

NewsDio Desk : Every girl has someone they consider as their best friend. They can be a childhood friend, cousin, sister, or a person they met by chance yet instantly felt strongly connected. Strong bonds naturally compel one to express how much the people in the connection cherish each other. One of the most common ways to do that is to give gifts in the form of a new dress or even concert tickets.

If you are planning a surprise gift for your BFF, this listicle is created to give you genius ideas for a memorable and pleasant present:

  • Skincare gift set

Nothing says, “I care for you” better than a gift set of your gal pal’s favourite skincare brand. Work, school, social circles, and even relationships can cause different levels of stress. Not to mention, if your BFF is someone who is a workaholic or lives for the adrenaline of accomplishing everything on their to-do list, then you can give them something they can use for when they need private time to pamper themselves.

  • Scented candles
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Speaking of pampering, scented candles give off a relaxing scent that easily takes away any negative aura. You can arrange a bubble bath or a nice home spa to go with the candles. In this manner, you can join in on the relaxation and have more time to bond with your closest friend. Private get-togethers with close friends are necessary for improving one’s mental health.

  • Graphic-printed socks

Socks symbolise comfort and coziness. When you add in a couple of fun graffiti, colourful prints, or bold colour combinations, it becomes a humorous yet adorable gift instantly. Give this gift during the winter or when your girl is feeling under the weather. It will surely brighten their day and make them feel better.

  • Animal-shaped planters
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Does your BFF have a green thumb? If so, they will love a couple of animal-shaped planters to place their succulents and indoor greens. It is a small gift with practical use that will add more quirk to your friend’s personal space.

  • Customized tapestry

Is your friend not a huge fan of plants? Perhaps a little dose of art will make them feel happy and inspired. Choose a photo of you and your friend together, or secretly scroll through her phone’s gallery and find an image that she likes the most. Better yet, put your artistic skills to use and paint or sketch a portrait of her. Once you’re done, you can print the image or artwork on a tapestry that your friend can hang in her room.

  • A good book

Depending on which genre your friend digs, it is always wonderful to give them something to enjoy and immerse themselves in. Bonus points if you’re a booklover yourself because you can bond over the new series or story once you are both done reading the book.

  • New chic dress
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Aside from making your friend feel good on the inside, why not make them look good on the outside as well? Let them celebrate their awesome and unique beauty with a new dress that suits their style of choice. From maxi dresses to satin, knee-length dresses, your friend can rock any social event the moment you take on the role of their stylish fairy godmother.

Whether you are celebrating your favourite gal’s birthday or want to surprise them with something sweet and thoughtful, nothing beats the reaction they get once they receive your gift.

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