Pokemon Go 4 – Tricks and Rumors

Pokemon Go 4 release

As the name suggests, Gen 4 Pokémon comes from the franchise’s 4th generation of games- Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum- and exhibits many evolutions of creatures from the previous generation.

Also, some new baby Pokémon and, of course, brand new legendary creatures.
After so much of waiting and anticipation we got the teases and hints, and finally, Gen 4 has finally arrived- and like Gen 3, they will arrive in waves.

Gen 4 follows some of the same qualities as previous generations. To start with it we can see that there are three Grass, Fire and Water starters- all of them having 2 evolutions each- and the standard collection of birds and bugs alongside a fleet of solid powerful legendaries.

Pokemon Go 4 gen

There are, however, a whole lot of statistics that differentiates itself from previous generations:
• While Gen 3 was comprised of mostly original creatures, Gen 4 features a large number of evolutions
from previous generations- an astonishing 22 in total.
• Two new Eevee evolutions got the welcome return, the first new evolutions since gen 2.
• There are six Baby Pokémon, which will be evolved into Pokémon from previous Gen.
• Many Pokémon have a variety of form, like shellos changing appearance based on where it was caught in the main games, and Rotum, which changes appearance based on possessing electrical appliances.
• There are 9 legendaries. And five mythical Pokémon- both more than any previous generation till date.

So, how to prepare for Pokémon Gen 4.

As mentioned, there are a lot of Pokémon from Gen 4 that are evolutions from previous generations.

The advantage of this is two-fold, one; it means some already powerful creatures-such as Rhydon and piloswine- will eventually get stronger when Gen 4 arrives.

Two, knowing what’s coming our way means we can be ready to take them. We recommend that you need to hold on to a previous Pokémon in the evolution chain, and having plenty of candy stored up, so when they are ready for the release you can acquire them instantly.
As Gen 4’s release is coming out in waves, you won’t be able to evolve them straight away. But in a theory, you can evolve them simply by going into your collection and doing it.

We need to see how this time Pokémon is going to keep us busy with its powers and magic. Only waiting is the option that we have got, so we will wait for sure.


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