A healthy teen died after got diagnosed with covid-19

2020 is not a year for anyone. People suffered a lot. Recently a healthy teen girl, Sarah Simental, who was just 18 years old, passed away.

The reason behind her death is no other than covid-19. She was complaining about headaches, and the issues were related to covid-19. She passed on Sunday, and it’s been less than a week when she got diagnosed with the killer bug, and she only turned 18 this month.

She was the high school student from Tinley Park near Chicago US. She was among the healthy child around, but the virus ate her through. In this situation, her brain starts to bleed, and kidney deterioration takes place. Her parents mentioned the same. A few days before Christmas she had some symptoms of cold, and some symptoms quickly escalated, and then her mother took her to the doctor for a test on December 19. Again she was tested positive for it.

After 3 days, her condition starts to get worse with vomiting, chills and body aches. After it, her mother again takes her to Silver Cross hospital on December 23. Day by day, her condition was deteriorating, and there was no symptom of recovery at all. Chicago Tribune reported that she died on boxing day and was airlifted to University of Chicago Medical Centre.

Deborah told WLS TV about her condition that, she went into cardiac arrest and her brain started to Bleed. It was directly affecting her Kidneys, and a moment arises when her kidney starts to get damaged. It was the situation where one can say that this virus eats her through. No parents want that they went into the situation where they need to see their child go through this state.

Adding onto it, she also mentions that she was fighting in her last time and was able to talk to her on the phone as well. They were taking her from the regular room to ICU, and she mentioned that she would be going to be ok and this was the last thing she mentioned. Her parents are still in trauma that how they can lose their daughter. The Cook County Medical examiner officer also mentioned that she died due to acute hypoxic respiratory failure, and the problem arises due to coronavirus infection, and it was a non-traumatic cerebral haemorrhage as a contributing factor. Her brother also gets affected by covid-19 on August 20, but he recovered quickly.

Her parents also mentioned that they had spent a lot of time together in this covid-19 situation, and this makes them more close to each other and experiencing this loss is something which they have not expected. Her parents mention that please take this coronavirus seriously because it can eat your complete home as well.

They also mentioned that it is important for people to take enough precautions because in case they have avoided anything it might cost their life and a moment will arise when they are not able to get rid of it at all. They mentioned that losing a daughter is one of the biggest losses in their life, and they are not able to recover from it as well. But let’s just hope for a better future for parents and others connected to her. Last but not the least it is important for people to take enough precautions because in a case in this covid-19 situation they are avoiding thing they are just playing with their lives and a moment will arise when they might lose their lives as well. If you don’t want yourself to get from the date with such trouble take precautions as much as you can.

Let’s just hope that parents will be able to cope with the scenario and they can be at peace as well.

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