A Man Shot Dead on Tuesday Evening in South Austin Neighborhood Restaurant

A man is currently shot dead on Tuesday evening inside a South Austin neighborhood Restaurant. This incident occurred at 6.41 pm. Furthermore, a 30-years older man inside the unspecified restaurant had the 5500 blocks located in the West Chicago Avenue when the other man would camp up. At the movement, police said to take a gun and shoot him. The man suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, and they took the person into Loyola University Medical centre, which is located in Maywood. 

Furthermore, after this incident, detectives came to the location. And they made the investigation on Tuesday evening. The shooting scene was based on the two blocks from the site, and the 25-year older woman was shot and wounded in jus t over an hour. That incident happened in an alley which is located behind North Central Avenue. In this action, the victim died at the scene. Police got a suspect’s vehicle description from witnesses. The suspect refused to fuse with the lead officers. Police are coming for the shooting death location. Police say that they acquired the received calls about the man. 

After receiving the markets, they had the matching description. The suspect refused the lead officers and pulled over the chase up ben white. Police arrested the suspect, and they investigated this situation. Restaurant owner Darios Gonzalez told the victim news about a birthday party. When the victim is pulled out, Gonzalez said that someone in another car pulled the gun, and they shot the man. Gonzalez is the owner of the restaurant for five years, and they mentioned nothing ever happened. This incident creates more panic for the people, and a considerable investigation has occurred in the process. Paramedics arrived at the place, and they took the driver to the hospital.

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