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Two rocket launches were scheduled to take off on Sunday, including one from Wallops Island in Virginia and one from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The first is a relatively standard ISS replenishment mission (but still exciting, we're talking about rockets here, very little is "standard"), and the second is an important scientific mission from NASA and ESA called the "Solar Orbiter" .

Unfortunately, a technical problem meant that the ISS resupply mission was rescheduled for Thursday, but the Solar Orbiter was launched as planned, with such a clear delivery by the ULA Atlas V rocket that it launched it as you can request.

Starliner, the crew spacecraft developed by Boeing for NASA's commercial crew program, found not one, but two major software failures during its most recent demonstration mission that would have been very bad if they had not been corrected.

The second one was only revealed in detail this week, and it was discovered and patched only because the first software problem caused the ground team in the mission to review all the software related to the re-entry of the capsule and check for possible errors. Otherwise, the mission team says it would not have been caught. It is not yet known what this definitely means for the Boeing crew program, but we will know by the end of this month, according to NASA. officials

NASA could obtain significantly more funds than in 2020 for its fiscal year 2021, with most of a proposed increase of $ 3 billion destined to the development of human landers for use in the Artemis program. Trump will still have to make it official during the presentation of his budget on February 10 (that is today), but it seems a strong endorsement of the agency's plans by the current administration.

NASA may be trying to block its landing plans next year, but it is also asking the industry to provide concepts and information about lunar rovers, including robotic designs and ideas for lunar buggies that carry humans. This will probably lead to some kind of formal RFP for future business rover partners.

Meanwhile, the Starlink OneWeb competitor launched its second batch of satellites, a group of 34 spacecraft. The company says that this is only the beginning of its plans that include the launch of a group of at least 30 satellites per month until its constellation reaches its goal of 650, although it also noted that it will stop the campaign in April to incorporate a redesigned satellite

SpaceX has launched a new online booking portal for its shared travel rocket service, which actually allows anyone with a credit card to book a rocket launch, which starts at $ 1 million with a down payment of $ 5,000 . However, don't do this unless you really plan on throwing something and have your ducks in line, unless you really want to donate $ 5,000 to SpaceX .

Astra It is a new startup that has been developing its rocket for at least three years, but recently broke the coverage. I talked to CEO and founder Chris Kemp about the company's business model, and discovered that it is not like anything else currently on the market, by design. (ExtraCrunch subscription required).

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