AC or Cooler: Which One Should You Buy


When summers are knocking at the door, everyone wants to gear up and be prepared for it. The first and foremost thing to worry about is how to keep the home cool so that the inmates are prevented from the scorching heat of the sun. Air conditioners and air coolers are the options available to keep your house cold and beat the heat. While buying, most of the people are in a dilemma as to which one to buy. Both the air conditioners and air coolers perform well and have their own set of benefits. You should check whether the advantages would suit your circumstances. Only then, you would be able to decide and buy the ideal cooling system for your home. To survive in the intense summers, you can get AC on rent in GurgaonDelhi, and other cities. Today in this article, we would help you to understand which cooling system you should opt for under certain circumstances.

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When should you choose Air Conditioner?

There is less ventilation – If you reside in small apartments where there are inadequate ventilation systems and lack of airflow, you should go for an air conditioner. ACS generally acts as a dehumidifier and enhances the airflow inside your room. During the monsoons, air conditioners are a blessing to keep the humidity away.

High-rise apartments – In several cities like Hyderabad and Delhi, staying on the top floor of a high-rise building is equal to a nightmare. That is because; the floors get heated up quickly and trap the heat all day long. Air conditioners are powerful machines that can cut off the severe heat.

Allergens and other health issues – With the rapid development, airborne allergens and illnesses have been on the rise. People are becoming weak and sick due to the airborne triggers every day. When you install an air conditioner in your room, it will not only cool down your room but will prevent you from airborne allergens.

When should you choose an Air Cooler?

There is proper ventilation – Air coolers function by drawing warm air from the environment and running it through the water. The air that it ejects is moist and cool. That is the reason; it is required to have proper ventilation where the cooler is placed. If the room becomes humid, you would no longer receive cold air.

Budget issues – Air coolers are budget-friendly alternatives to air conditioners. They are excessively cheaper than the air conditioners. Therefore, when you do not have the kind of budget required for air conditioners, you should go for air coolers. They would even consume less energy than air conditioners.

Warm weather conditions – If you are staying in places where there is very less requirement of air conditioners, then you should simply purchase an air cooler. Cities like Bangalore experience very less heat, which is followed by a rainy season that cools you down. In such places, air coolers are sufficient to keep your home cool.

Hopefully, by now you must have got an idea of when to choose what. Besides, you should also check your budget before buying or you can even rent a cooler.

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