According to reports, Marvel plans to form a team with Morbius [SPOILERS] In the MCU


There must be a small disappointment on Sony's part after they released the first Morbium trailer, because not much of the conversation has focused on the movie itself. Instead, most of the discussion has been about the possible connections of Living Vampire with Marvel Cinematic Universe after the promotion revealed a background shot of a Spider-Man mural that seems to be related to the conclusion of Far from home.

Not only that, but the surprise appearance of Adrian Toomes by Michael Keaton caused that Morbium It takes place on the same timeline as the MCU web franchise, while fans speculate that the accumulation of a potential Six sinister the split has already begun, and that unnamed character of Jared Harris could even be Otto Octavius.

We will have to discover for ourselves how close, if we do, Morbium is linked to the production of Marvel Studios when the adaptation of the comic directed by Jared Leto hits theaters in July, but new information from sources close to We Got This Covered has indicated that Kevin Feige plans to introduce one of the newest recruits MCU in a possible sequel if the movie turns out to be a success.

Our sources, who have a solid track record with Marvel-related firsts after telling us about Deadpool 3 being in active development long before Ryan Reynolds officially confirmed it, and also tells us that Marvel was working on the She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel shows for Disney Plus before they were announced on D23; let's say that Sony and Marvel are interested in having Blade de Mahershala Ali appears in the follow-up to form a team with Morbius de Leto, and the old studio is confident that the first installment will be a success and hopes that there will be a continuation.

Of course, plans can always change as each film universe continues to take shape and develop, but it would certainly make sense to do so, since the two characters have a long and historical comic book history, which makes them the ideal film for each other. It is not clear if this will happen before or after Blade's debut at MCU, which is not expected to be until Phase Five at the earliest, but the initial plans are for the Living Vampire and Daywalker to unite against a major threat, which It may even turn out to be Dracula himself, from what they tell us. And since these are the same sources that also informed us that Marvel is watching Daniel Radcliffe for Moon Knight, which has since been confirmed, we have no reason to doubt it.

In addition, the recently signed agreement between Sony and Marvel on Spider-Man indicates that the two are willing to work together, so perhaps the agreement also includes the option for characters to move from one side to the other in both franchises of Marvel From a purely commercial point of view, it would make a lot of sense to have the two vampire superheroes starring together in the same project, and if the Morbium sequel happens after Sword, you could get a small box office boost by presenting a great Marvel Studios name in a supporting role.


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