Adele wore her Glastonbury Festival dress to see it and needs you to calm down about a new album


The singer released over the weekend in honor of what would have been the Glastonbury Contemporary Performing Arts Festival, which was held June 26-30 last year.

She brought him back to his performance there in 2016 with a photo of his show, adding a smiley face emoji in the caption.

She followed up with a set of photos, the second of which showed her wearing the Chloe dress she wore for her set at the music festival while looking at that set.

"5 ciders inside," wrote Adele in the caption.

The photo now shows the new singer slender, blurred and apparently enjoying her show.

Naturally, Adele's post on music made people wonder when she will release new songs.

"Teaser? Will the albums be out today ??? !!!! Tell me now," asked a follower in the comment.

"Of course not. Corona is not done," Adele replied. "I'm in quarantine. Wear a mask and be patient."


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