Adobe Photoshop Lightroom : Details and features

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom : Details and features

One of the most chosen professions, about which the youth are crazy, is nothing else but photography. Photography is an art. To make art of any artist more attractive, several helping factors have been introduced in the field of photography. Various tools and high-resolution cameras had been used to make it much better. A Professional photographer makes use of these tools in an effective way to enhance their skills in photography.

Adobe has been working on photo editing and filtering and other key features since a long time ago. Adobe Photoshop had various versions being released, to help photography field people. All versions had their own specialty. The latest version of Adobe Photoshop is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Several new features have been added to this in order to make small enhancements, editing of photos, and organizing a digital photo.

Features of Lightroom

There are several new features added to this version. Even previously provided features had been upgraded. Let’s see some of the features

  1. This program focuses on managing your photos.
  2. This program is optimized for a 64-bit processor device. It requires DirectX 10.
  3. It is provided with various advanced printing tools and dozens of formats.
  4. In this version, it is possible to use multiple screens at once. This feature makes things easier as the different tasks can be done simultaneously.
  5. Plug-ins are availed in order to maximize the possibility of this software.
  6. Carrying out a batch process allows a user to perform any task, like importing photos, or editing them, even in RAW format.
  7. Now the direct DNG file can be exported from Raw photos.
  8. You can find a complete list of supported cameras and lens profiles here in this software.
  9. The software provides a trial version of 30 days for free of cost.

Advantages of Lightroom

  1. A user is provided with many digital developing options.
  2. It could be synchronized with the smartphone version of Lightroom
  3. Provides several tools for creating photo books and video slideshows.
  4. It is a complete integration of Adobe Photoshop.
  5. It sorts the image on the basis of their location.
  6. You can use a brush along with some local adjustments. Also, you can change the effect and color background of the image.

All these features will make you like this version of Adobe Photoshop. It is easier to use and with many more new features.

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