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In one of the games featured on the card, Cody Rhodes finally had the opportunity to win MJF at AEW Revolution in Chicago, IL. Wardlow was in the ringside for MJF and Arn Anderson and Brandi Rhodes were in the ringside for Cody. Downstait was there to make a live presentation of Cody's theme. Cody sported a new "Nightmare Family" tattoo on the right side of his neck.

At first, MJF threw beer at a fan. Moments later, Brandi threw beer into Warlow's face and that caused him to go after her, but Cody dove on the ropes to get Wardlow out. However, Wardlow was able to put his hands on Cody by putting his shoulder in the ring post. The announcers pointed out that Cody was struggling with a broken finger due to the immersion in the cage a couple of weeks ago.

MJF took off Cody's boot to expose his foot with a broken toe. MJF bit his toe and fans shouted "you're sick." Wardlow tried to interfere again, but Arn pushed him back with a chair. MJF was busted after receiving a kick in the face and blood gushed from his forehead. Moments later, Cody accidentally kicked Arn in the ringside when Wardlow got out of the way.

There was a slugfest that ended with MJF hitting the Double Cross but Cody kicked at 2. MJF took Cody's belt and was about to use it, but the referee took it off and Cody took a low blow and then planted it, but MJF he threw it out. . Cody whipped MJF with the belt. The referee was about to take off his belt, but allowed Cody to whip him once more. MJF seemed to be crying and hugged Cody, but then spit on Cody and Cody grabbed him and hit two consecutive Cross Rhodes, but MJF used the diamond ring to knock out Cody and immobilized him.

Click here for the full results of AEW Revolution.


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