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In the third AEW Revolution pay-per-view game, "Hangman" Adam Page and Kenny Omega put their World Tag team titles on the line against The Young Bucks.

There was tension since the start of the match between Hangman and everyone else in the game, including his teammate Omega. The hanged man was about to put Matt Jackson through a table at the ringside, but Omega prevented him from doing so.

There were more blunt points instead of a high-flying action and they still had a great game. Fans booed Nick and Matt's offensive points and cheered on everything Hangman did. The pace really accelerated in the last minutes when the game went from great to fantastic and fans chanted "fight forever." There was a scary-looking reverse frankensteiner that ended with Kenny landing on the back of his head from the top and Matt hit several locomotions on the ramp leading to the ring.

The Bucks also hit an Indy Taker peak on the Hangman ramp when fans booed them. That move brought Hangman out of the game with Kenny on the left to fight for himself. The Bucks hit super kicks and a double V-trigger, but Kenny kicked a great pop. Kenny ate another super kick and then kicked it out. Matt was making many decisions with Nick showing some remorse for some of the things they were doing in this game. They were about to try the Meltzer Driver, but Page got up and hit Nick through a table at the ringside. Kenny and Page hit Buckshot's V-trigger combination, but that wasn't enough to catch Matt.

The Hangman hit the Winged Angel on Matt, but Nick broke the pin attempt. Hangman finally won the match by fixing Matt after hitting the Buckshot Lariat. After the game, Page joked by hitting the Buckshot Lariat in Omega, but that was not what he ended up doing. He held the ropes for Kenny and they left.

Click here for the full results of AEW Revolution.


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