Aladdin live-action movie: Will Smith to play the Genie

2019 is quite a busy year for Disney with so many movies to be released back to back. Aladdin is another live-action remake that is set to be released on May 24, 2019. The movie was announced in 2016 as a live-action version of the original one. As per the makers, it will be a Non Traditional version of the classic tale of Aladdin.

The original movie was released in 1992 with the same name which was a massive hit. It was an Arab style folktale from “One Thousand and One Nights” also known as “Arabian nights”. The movie has been directed by Guy Ritchie popularly known for Sherlock Holmes and produced by Walt Disney Pictures. The story is written by Ritchie and John August.

Aladdin Movie

The basic storyline of the movie will be the same as an original one where an Arab boy named Aladdin who is in love with Princess Jasmine, finds a magical lamp with an omnipotent Genie.

Guess who is giving a voice for the epic role of Genie this time? It is none other than Will Smith.

Smith is going to give a personal touch to the character; in his exacts words ‘a whole lot of attitude’.  We are excited to see genie in his style.

The movie is finally ready to be released after facing so many difficulties. Disney faced a hard time locking down the star-cast for the movie. It was quite a challenge to find people who can do justice to the characters. It demands the star cast who can act and also sing as it is a musical fantasy movie.

Smith was the first-star cast to join Aladdin in July 2017, followed by Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine which is the lead roles. The movie also stars Marwan Kenzari, Navid Negahban, Nasim Pedrad, Billy Magnussen and Numan Acar.

The trailer is quite fascinating and got a great response from the fans. It starts with the signature background music of Arabian nights and amazing visuals which will give you chills. Though it does not reveal many things, we get to see Aladdin at the end with his magic lamp.

It will be having a lot of catchy music, after all, it’s a Disney’s movie. The songs from original movies might also be repeated in the remake as well with some evolution and some groovy dance moves as well.

Disney is kind of running a marathon of live-action remakes in 2019. With so many movies releasing next year, we are not sure what strategy Disney is following. Maybe they want to create a Nostalgia factor in the mind of the audience.

For some people, the Lion King might do better than others. Some of the audience is cheering up for Aladdin and others for the movie ‘Dumbo’. It will be hard to say which movie remake will do the best on the big screen. Well, we have no option but to wait for 2019.

So which Disney movie you think will do the best on the big screens? Leave us a comment below.

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