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India is full of historical monuments, museums, and amazing attractions holding great history behind. There are many ancient temples, British architecture, and construction from the British era. Also, tourists get attracted by different diversities, cultures, languages, cuisines, folk dances, artifacts, etc. But we cannot deny the fact that India has amazing high peaks and breath-taking beaches. People from worldwide come to visit these amazing views to get a break from their hectic schedules. Everyone deserves a getaway from their busy lives to enjoy these refreshing places. visit this website to know more :

Among all these places famous for beaches, Alibaug is one of the famous places located near Mumbai. Alibaug is known for the best beach destination and has an interesting Jewish history. 2200 years ago, a ship landed of few Jewish people and they started residing there. They adopted the local language and started plantations. The Portuguese people starting ruling in the early 16th century, but they were overcome by Marathi people in the 17th century. In the 18th century, the Marathi navy commander launched troops against British ships. British and Portuguese people together fought against Marathas but were in vain. Also, very few people know that Alibaug is named after a Jewish rich merchant called Ali.

Following are some points to know about Alibaug before planning to visit:

  • Location – Alibaug is a coastal town and is located in the south of Mumbai. It is 96 kilometres away from Mumbai. You can reach there by flight, bus or car and by train.
  • Climate – The summer season starts from March onwards when the temperature starts rising. The best month to visit Alibaug is in the month of November to February, when the weather is coolest. The monsoon season begins from June.
  • Peak season – There is no such thing as peak season in Alibaug. As Mumbai and Pune are close, you will always find a crowd on weekends. You can easily explore all the places in Alibaug in few days. People love having small vacations in Alibaug.
  • Attractions – There are many old forts, churches, temples among which Kanakeshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva on a peak and is located at the north of Alibaug. Kolaba Fort is also one of the main attractions which are covered by the ocean. Also, you can enjoy various water sports activities on the beach. Nature-lovers should definitely visit the Native Biodiversity Garden. This is unique in its own way as it is a solar-powered garden and is divided into many themes such as wetland, spices, medicines, butterfly, etc. The shopping lovers can enjoy too as Alibaug has amazing markets and local food to enjoy. There is a Dashrath Patel Museum which presents the work of Indian artists such as paintings, designs, photography etc.
  • Language – Marathi is the main and the official language is spoken in Alibaug. Many of the locals also speak Hindi and English.
  • Food – Alibaug offers amazing food and specializes in Konkani style-seafood. There are many café and restaurants facing the ocean with a funky interior.
  • Stay – There are many options available to stay starting from luxury 5-star hotels to the basic cottage to villas in Alibaug. You can book a villa if you are with a large group or can book a whole even if came as a couple. You can take online help for the best offers and recommendations.

So above are some points you need to know before visiting Alibaug. It is best to know about the place before visiting to get the best experience. Also, you can explore properly if you know about the places and attractions. Also, you should know that for a comfortable stay, you should book a hotel providing all the facilities. We get many options in Alibaug, so obviously, it gets confusing to choose one. So it is always said to look for hotels online to get the best deal and you can go through the recommendations. So before choosing a hotel in Alibaug, the following factors will help you to choose one:

  • Location – It is best to book a hotel in a central location. You will have access to all the famous places, and you will be able to know and explore the culture within. Also, the places you want to see will not be far. Or before booking, you can go through the locations you want to visit and then choose that hotel which is near to all those locations.
  • Budget – There are many options like sea faced room or simple homestay or villa. The price can vary depending upon the style of the room you select. So choose one which best suits your style and budget. Check and compare the prices online for a clear picture. There are plenty of online travel websites offering exciting deals and discounts, so take benefit of them.
  • Feedback – It is not a bad idea to go through the recommendations and review section before selecting. It will help you to get an overview of the stay and services offered by the hotel staff from the previous clients.
  • Amenities – We all look forward to getting some amenities for a comfortable stay. That depends upon the hotel you select and your budget. But you can still enjoy the benefit of luxury amenities by looking for the best on the travel websites.
  • Contact agents – A travel agent or online travel agent is best to guide and assist you to choose the best hotel. As they are aware of the plus and negative points, their bits of help will get you to the right hotel. There are numerous websites to help you out with their support.

So hopefully these points will help you out find the best hotels in Alibaug. A comfortable stay, exploring places, and spending some time by relaxing at a beach will surely make your trip memorable which you will cherish a lifetime. Also, feel free to visit the online websites to get help in all terms that may be the main attractions, historical places, culture, weather, cuisines, and hotels. They are always available with 24×7 customer service support.

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