Who doesn’t love to get that naturally flushed rosy cheeks to look? Are you one of those too? If yes, read till the end and you shall know all there is to know about perfecting the application of blush. Learn how to apply blush in the best way to add a healthy glow to your skin, which would have otherwise taken you an hour in the gym. Blush is not just about color now. It also helps brighten your skin and rids it of a tired look. Blush helps make the skin look healthier and younger. 

Choosing your type of blush – 

When you looking to buy a blush online you will find that there are numerous options available for you to choose from. There are three main types of blush available in the market: Cream-based, Gel-based, and powder-based. The powder-based blush needs to be applied on a layer of foundation, whereas the other two types can be applied on bare skin. You can get more choices of color in the powder type compared to the other two, but the other two last longer. Based on your needs you can choose either of the three.

Decide on your color – 

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When you are deciding on the color of your blush, things to need to keep in mind are your skin tone and the kind of look you want to achieve with makeup. Make a note of the following to get a better understanding of different colors and which ones you ought to choose:

Warm colors: Warm colors usually come with an orange undertone and are best recommended for contouring purposes. You can choose warm colors if you want to add definition to your face. Based on your skin tone you can opt for different warm colors. If you have a tanned skin tone you should go for a burnt orange blush. If you have a light skin tone you should go with a light shade of apricot or peach.

Cool colors: colors that have a blue undertone come under cool colors. These are used to add a healthy glow to your skin and give your face an added freshness. You can go for either shade of pink if you have a light skin tone, and shades of plum or magenta if you have a tanned skin tone.

Natural colors: These include shades of browns and beige. These are best used as a bronzer and to add definition to your cheekbones. They might have a little red mixed in them and can be used as both a bronzer and blusher.

Universal colors: These include those colors that lie between the warm and cool colors. You do not need to worry about your skin tone with these as they pair well with all skin tones. From a light peach to dark pink, you can choose any shade you want based on the look you want to pull off.

When you want to perfect the blush, there are some Do’s and Don’ts you need to keep in mind.


  • Use a blush with a slight shimmer finish

When you use a blush with a slight shimmer it gives your skin a healthy glow when light falls on your skin. To achieve this beautiful glow, you can use a cream-based blush or even make use of a liquid highlighter.

  • Use a foundation brush for coverage

Get yourself the best foundation brush you can because this will make a huge difference in how your makeup look will turn out. Use the brush to evenly spread the blush on your cheeks. Using a brush will ensure you do not end up with a patchy blush that makes you look like a clown.


  • Don’t over blend

Blending is very important while applying blush or else you will end up with a blotchy look. But you also need to keep in mind to not over blend. Over blending will end up making your makeup look flat and dull.

  •  Don’t use colors with too much contrast
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This is a very important point you must always remember if you do not want to end up with ugly streaks on your cheeks. To avoid this use sheer blush tones. These will help you build a beautiful blush on your cheeks. 

  • Don’t use blush with a heavy glitter base

This is because glitter is not very easy to remove from your skin, and it will harm your skin in the longer run. So, always go with a blush that has a slight shimmer finish over a blush that has chunky glitters.

 These basic tips and tricks will help you master your blush, and you can have any look you desire!

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