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allied wallet ceo dr andy khawaja

Dr. Andy Khawaja, one of the most deserving CEO of Allied Wallet is primarily a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing. It was featured on the cover of APAC Business Headlines in an article that was entitled as the “Meet the Future of the Payment.” APAC Business Headlines is primarily a knowledge platform that is meant for industry leaders and professionals, wherein they come up to share their experiences, ideas, and advice with others so as to help others as well. He puts an extra emphasis on technology as well, and that was clearly evident in the way he presented himself.

Allied Wallet: APAC Business Headlines

APAC Business Headlines has emphasized on the fact that focuses mostly on the payment industry, thus helping it become a global hub for innovation. Nevertheless, one of the most prominent names in this genre is Allied Wallet and its founder and key innovator, Dr. Andy Khawaja. On the meet with APAC Business Headlines, Dr Andy Khawaja gave an inside look of Allied Wallet, thereby making it a point on how thibgs would become successful at our end. Besides, he puts a large emphasis on the significance of the Asian market to promote the growth of e-commerce.

The APAC also states that Andy Khawaja puts his customers right at the heart of operations. Khawaja certainly believes in this theory and he notes that practically as well. On another note, it is important to mention that Allied Wallet never sets back from its corporate responsibilities and thus, puts all its efforts in making this world a better place to live in. The organisation serves children, humanitarian relief and police officers too.

Allied Wallet: the best in-class payment solution

Allied Wallet demonstrated a philanthropic effort at its end, as evident from the CEO’s humble addrress right at the beginning of the speech. APAC Business Headlines also adds that Allied Wallet is undeniably one of the most leading payment solution providers that continued to sustain its position as the best in-class payment solutions, thereby outperforming it’s competitors. Andy Khawaja further added on saying that he along with his team takes pride in being recognised by the APAC not only for the payment solutions that they provide, but also for the contributions that they make towards the society. He ends his address by thanking his audience!

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