Allied Wallet and CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja Received the International Fund Award

Allied Wallet is undeniably a globally leading provider of online payment processing. It has also marked its positional for offering multi-currency merchant services. It also provides a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. All these aspects finally led the organization to be honored with the International Fund Awards. Thus, it was titled as the “Most Innovative Payment Service Provider.”

Allied Wallet: International Fund Awards

The International Fund Awards is actually an annual, and international merit. It is known for commending the most innovative and forward thinking firms. It even offered exceptional service and performance in the previous year for a continuous span of time over the years. The CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja has led Allied Wallet get through the ranks of global payment services companies. Thus, the organization and the team working out there have repeatedly been recognized as a top-choice payment service provider among the customers and merchants all across the globe. Also, Allied Wallet was rewarded with a global recognition.

CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja said it to the International Fund Awards that Allied Wallet works really hard to become a global expert in the e-commerce industry and thus, the team employed in his organisation continue to set new standards for protection, performance and profitability. Not just this, the International Fund Awards editorial highlights the keys that make the Dr Andy Khawaja’s creation, Allied Wallet such a huge success. At the same time, it was being mentioned about all those aspects that made it easy for the organization to be able to adapt and customise.

Allied Wallet: The way it works!

Dr Andy Khawaja mentions that the best thing about Allied Wallet is the way it works and thus, takes forward its business. To all the aspirants out there, he says, that it is extremely important to move quickly and anticipate as well as adapt to the client’s needs and demands in order to stand out with a successful business.

Dr Andy Khawaja says that Allied Wallet is a representation of all those adaptibilities and thus, all of that finally earned a plenty of accolades for the organization and thus, it helped people all over the world. He is happy to say that the firm does not show any sign of slowing at this moment. The CEO Dr Andy Khawaja further said that he has got some really big plans and amazing innovations in the way people across the globe shop and spend money.

Allied Wallet has been focusing on major releases this year and the CEO gave a little bit of hint about the same to the audience. He further added on to it by saying that they are looking forward to make new improvements in the sector of international payment solutions.

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